Dr. Turad Senesie: Spearheading Sierra Leone’s Land Sector Transformation

Dr. Turad Senesie’s reappointment as Minister of Lands, Housing and Country Planning, by President Bio, signals a continuation of his groundbreaking work in bringing about positive change and restoring confidence in the land sector.

Not coming as any surprise, President Maada Bio reappointed Dr. Turad Senesie as Minister of Lands, Housing, and Country Planning, in order to continue the remarkable transformation of Sierra Leone’s land sector.

Sierra Leone’s land sector is undergoing a profound and visionary transformation under the leadership of President Maada Bio, with Dr. Turad Senesie playing a pivotal role in its success.

Dr. Turad Senesie’s reappointment as Minister of Lands, Housing and Country Planning, by President Bio, signals a continuation of his groundbreaking work in bringing about positive change and restoring confidence in the land sector.

When Dr. Senesie assumed the role two years ago, Sierra Leone faced numerous challenges, including conflicts and mismanagement within the land sector, leading to severe social and economic consequences.

Driven by a clear vision and determination, Dr. Senesie embarked on an ambitious agenda to reform the land sector and restore its integrity. Notably, during his first term, he introduced strategic reforms, including enacting two crucial land laws: the Customary Land Rights Act and the National Land Commission Act. These laws aimed to safeguard land rights, promote transparency, and streamline land administration processes.

Beyond policy reforms, Dr. Turad Senesie made a significant impact on the housing sector by attracting investors and initiating affordable housing projects across the country. This initiative has provided countless families with the opportunity to own decent and affordable homes, elevating their quality of life and fostering social stability.

In his unwavering commitment to justice and fairness, Dr. Senesie took decisive action against land grabbers, successfully reclaiming state land and returning valuable resources to the people of Sierra Leone. His strong stance against land exploitation sent a clear message that public land would be protected, safeguarding the interests of the nation and its citizens.

A major milestone for the land sector was the securing of a $41 million support project from the World Bank, championed by Dr. Senesie. This project aims to enhance the effectiveness and transparency of the land administration and management system in Sierra Leone, facilitating the digitization of land records and improving access to land information.

The digitization of the land sector represents a significant leap towards a modern and efficient land administration system. Dr. Senesie’s leadership, guided by President Bio’s vision, is paving the way for a more transparent and accountable governance framework, ensuring accurate recording and tracking of land transactions while reducing bureaucracy.

Under Dr. Senesie’s guidance, Sierra Leone witnessed a notable reduction in land conflicts and improved access to land justice for citizens from all walks of life. His groundbreaking land raffle model revolutionized land resource distribution, promoting inclusivity and reducing inequality.

The impact of Dr. Senesie’s reforms on ordinary Sierra Leoneans is undeniable, creating a more stable environment for sustainable development and economic growth. His leadership has regained public trust and attracted both local and foreign investors who recognize Sierra Leone’s commitment to transparent and accountable land governance.

President Bio’s decision to reappoint Dr. Senesie is a testament to the significant progress achieved under his stewardship. The continuity of his leadership ensures that the positive trajectory of the land sector will be sustained, bringing prosperity and stability to Sierra Leone.

With Dr. Turad Senesie’s transformative agenda, Sierra Leone is set to embrace a brighter future where land serves as a catalyst for sustainable development, social harmony, and economic prosperity. President Bio’s foresight in reappointing Dr. Senesie reflects the nation’s gratitude for his exceptional leadership, which will undoubtedly shape a better future for generations to come.

Under his guidance, Sierra Leone is on a path of progress and prosperity, with a fair and equitable land administration system that benefits the people for generations to come. The visionary leadership of Dr. Turad Senesie sets the stage for a vibrant and prosperous land sector, unleashing the nation’s full potential and igniting hope and optimism for a better future.



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