EDSA Boss Dilates on Surging Energy Demand Amidst Insufficient Infrastructure

By Alvin Lansana Kargbo

In a candid address at the Government Weekly Press Conference held at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Relations, on Tuesday, 26th March,2024, Joe-Lahai Sormana (PhD), the Director General of the Energy Distribution and Supply Authority (EDSA), shed light on the pressing issue of surging energy demand outpacing infrastructure capabilities in Sierra Leone.

Addressing a gathering of journalists and officials, the Director General delved into the intricacies of the country’s energy landscape, emphasizing the unprecedented increase in demand for power. He said despite concerted efforts to bolster the network infrastructure, the relentless growth in demand poses formidable challenges to them as authorities.

He elucidated the strides made by the Government in augmenting access to electricity in recent years underscoring the persistent imbalance between the burgeoning demand and the capacity of the network to deliver. Such a disjunction, he cautioned, not only strains the existing infrastructure but also jeopardizes safety standards.

“Despite our endeavors to expand and fortify the network, we find ourselves grappling with the ever-mounting demand for electricity,” he maintained  adding how it is imperative to tread cautiously, prioritizing the stability and sustainability of the country’s power supply.

Acknowledging the populace’s rightful entitlement to reliable electricity, he implored patience as the Government navigates the complex terrain of energy distribution revealing how collaborative efforts, with donor partners and strategic investments in network expansion initiatives, are underway to bridge the chasm between demand and supply.

“Balancing the imperative of meeting demand with the imperatives of safety and sustainability necessitates prudent decision-making,” he stressed assuring that they are resolute in their commitment to redress the energy deficit while upholding stringent safety protocols.

The Director General ended by reiterating the formidable challenges entailed in meeting the burgeoning energy needs of the city and the nation at large. Despite the constraints inherent in the prevailing infrastructure, he assured unwavering Governmental dedication to enhancing electricity accessibility for all citizens.

“By harmonizing the imperatives of demand fulfillment with safety and sustainability considerations, we are steadfast in our pursuit of a robust and dependable power supply for the future,” he affirmed.


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