Jagaban Donates Over 600 Bags of Rice to APC Party as Ramadan Iftar

Sheikh Alhaji Mohamed Omodu Kamara, popularly known as Jagaban, has extended a significant gesture towards the All People’s Congress (APC) party in Sierra Leone. The APC headquarters buzzed with excitement on Tuesday as a massive delivery of rice, totaling over 600 bags, arrived, marking one of the most substantial contributions in recent party history.

The rice donation, distributed across various party sectors including key offices and units, was warmly welcomed by party officials and members alike. Notably, the donation coincides with the holy month of Ramadan, underscoring Sheikh Jagaban’s commitment to aiding fellow Muslims during this sacred time.

As a devout Muslim himself, Sheikh Mohamed Omodu Kamara’s act of benevolence serves as a beacon of solidarity and compassion within the APC party. His timely assistance is particularly poignant amidst the economic challenges faced by many party members.

Addressing the gathering, Vice President of Jagaban Global Family, Abu Bakar Baturay, reiterated Sheikh Jagaban’s unwavering support for the APC and commended the party’s leadership for their dedication in steering the party forward. He emphasized that Sheikh Mohamed Omodu Kamara’s gesture epitomizes the Islamic principles of generosity and care, resonating deeply with the spirit of Ramadan.

This substantial donation not only highlights Sheikh Jagaban’s commitment to the APC party but also underscores his belief in the party’s ability to address the socio-economic needs of Sierra Leoneans. Some have expressed the view that his contribution stands as a testament to the enduring spirit of solidarity and support within the APC party.


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