Effective Overhauling makes SLBL more Vibrant

The Sierra Leone Brewery Limited (SLBL) has successfully completed the overhauling process that it embarked on late last year in a venture that was geared towards bringing it to a state of the art status. The company’s machines were effectively overhauled and effective maintenance was done to its bottling plant.
SLBL employed the services of Krones, a German firm that specializes in the supply and modernization of plants, together with a large team of SLBL’s locally trained Sierra Leonean engineers, to undertake the process which has now been completed..
In a snap interview with Daaf van Tilburg, Managing Director of Sierra Leone Brewery Limited, he maintained,, “Maintenance and high standards are an important part of our company’s culture. The objective was to renew the packaging equipment based upon international best practice and manufacturing excellence principles. With this, the upgraded bottling line is now more efficient and capable of producing more of our products with the same high international standards in the upcoming years which our revered consumers will continue to be proud of.”
It will interest readers to note that prior to the overhauling and maintenance work SLBL has been on a large scale investment programmme which started since 2015 in order to expand capacity, maintain high quality and ensure environmental safety which saw the investments in brand new massive Fermentation Storage Tanks (FST), waste water treatment plant, mash filter equipment, CO2 and Cooling plants and the most recent canning line introduction which is the first in Sierra Leone.
According to Albert Ojo Collier the Corporate Relations Manager of the company, the brand new canning packaging line that was recently commissioned is in perfect working order and stocks from the canning line will fill any shortage that may arise. .
He further intimated that the overhaul has made it possible for their bottling plant to have the refreshed capacity and efficiency to produce high quality products for the upcoming years.
He assured that they will continue to distribute all of their award-winning quality products to satisfy current and future consumers’ demand in the country and contribute to Government’s efforts to support and boost local investments and manufacturing.
The Sierra Leone Brewery Limited is one of the oldest companies that have been operating in this country and it is still vibrant. Sierra Leone Brewery Limited planted its roots in the field of manufacturing alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages to consumers over 57 years ago. The company has continuously expanded its product range through innovation to meet customer satisfaction at all levels. Their Mission is to establish not just a contractual relationship with stakeholders but to build relationships which are lasting and rewarding to the country and to contribute to the growth of the Gross Domestic Product GDP.
All their products are certified and following all the regulations as per approved local and international standards. SLBL manufactures Star Beer, Mutzig Premium Beer, Guinness Foreign Extra Stout, Salone beer, Trenk Energy Drink and Maltina Non-Alcoholic. They also market Heineken Beer, Strong Bow Cider, Fayrouz malt none alcoholic drink, Royal Club range of soft drinks and Climax Energy Drink.


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