Housemates Salone Captivate the Public

As Reality TV Contest goes forward…

The House is everyday becoming lively and very interesting as the 22 Housemates are doing their utmost best to captivate the attention of the general populace who have the opportunity, via voting using the Africell Number 5500 to determine the ultimate winner of this premier competition organized by the African Young Voices (AYV) and Africell.
Sounding the views of majority of the citizenry as to what they make of the TV Reality show which is aired live on the AYV Television Channel 34, most of them agreed that they are really enjoying the competition, furthering that it is somehow exposing the country and bringing to the fore, natural talents of young people providing an empowerment platform.
What are sought are displaying strong language, nudity and humour in a convincing manner which will put the contestants at a vantage position to win the affection of viewers. So far this 1st Season of the 2019 Housemates Salone TV Reality Show is becoming very much interesting and enjoyable as the Housemates continue to interact. However, the manner in which these Housemates control their emotions under stressful conditions will be closely watched and assessed by a competent panel of Judges.
From what was learnt from the organizers 10 contestants will be up for eviction on the Prime Eviction Show this coming Sunday – Live on AYV TV at 8 PM.
From the way the 22 Housemates are conducting themselves in the House they are very mindful of what is up for grabs which is Le100, 000,000.
As the days are going by all of them are frantically doing their best to ensure that at the climax of the competition one of them will emerge the successful winner.
Due to the fact that the competition is mainly eliminative in nature, the participation of the public by voting for the Housemates of their choice, based on their convictions that they are the fittest, is of paramount importance. It is therefore incumbent to vote through the Africell Toll Number 5500.
Those people whom this medium contacted praised AYV and Africell for coming up with this fine initiative saying that it must be polished and brought to high international standards.
“I am really in love with the Housemates 2019 Reality TV contest and truly enjoying every bit of it. I want the organizers to make it an annual event,” Fatu Dumbuya, a Fourah Bay College year 2 student suggested.

John Koroma opined that the contest, aired live on AYV TV which has gone international will help to rebrand Sierra Leone as well as contribute in dispelling negative notions held about the country.


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