Elections Must Not Stop Normal Life Activities

By Amin Kef (Ranger)

Sierra Leoneans in general are of the view that the only thing happening now across the country is politicking as the country heads for a crucial general elections on June 24, 2023.

Political pundits and social media commentators say because of the coming elections, it appears as though all other sectors of the Government are now grounded to a halt.

It is a common phenomenon that whenever elections are around the corner in Sierra Leone, that is the time for businesses including Government functions to go-slow on the basis that, things will brighten up or pick up speed after the elections.

This should not be the case because life goes on before, during and after elections. The people should not suffer because of a pending election. It is like saying we are preparing for doomsday and therefore every other activity must stop to allow doomsday preparations to take the fore whilst every other aspect of human life must stop or go on slowly.

It is important to note that, universities and schools have all been affected by the preparations for the June 23 elections. Even traders and other business people are afraid of buying new stocks in the name of waiting until the elections are over before they will buy new stocks.

It is precisely because of the stalling of business and Government activities due to preparations for the elections are the main reasons why there is general suffering almost everywhere across Sierra Leone.

It is against this background that Sierra Leoneans are looking forward to the current administration to not make it seem as if the coming elections are a do or die affair and that all other sectors of life are secondary and unimportant.

If anything, this is the time the current administration should be seen instilling confidence and assuring the general populace that all is well in the country and that the coming elections are not a do or die affair, while ensuring that they keep alive and kicking Government activities, universities, schools and basically every sector of human activity in the country soundly operational before, during and after the elections.



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