Face-to-Face Press Reception; Ambassador Wang Qing Highlights Pres Bio’s Historic State Visit

By Amin Kef (Ranger)

In a pivotal session dubbed “Face to Face with China,” hosted by His Excellency, Ambassador Wang Qing, at the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in the Republic of Sierra Leone on Thursday, March 14, 2024, key representatives gathered to illuminate the recent state visit of H.E. President Bio to China. The event, held at the Chinese Embassy in Wilberforce, marked a significant opportunity for both nations to exchange insights and deepen their diplomatic ties.

Among the notable attendees were Ambassador Wang Qing himself, alongside Head of Political Affairs, Lieu Wei and Ge Yao, who collectively briefed media attendees on the outcomes of President Bio’s State visit to China.

Addressing the audience, Ambassador Wang Qing delivered a keynote speech, reflecting on the fruitful discussions and exchanges during President Bio’s visit to China. He expressed his pleasure at reconvening the platform, “Face to Face with China” and highlighted the substantial achievements and warm bilateral atmosphere that characterized the recent visit.

During the visit, President Bio engaged in high-level talks with Chinese counterparts, including President Xi Jinping, Premier Li Qiang, and Chairman Zhao Leji, resulting in extensive agreements and common understandings on matters spanning on bilateral relations, Africa-China cooperation and global affairs.

Ambassador Wang emphasized four key aspects underscoring the significance of the visit. Firstly, he highlighted the continuation of regular communication between the leaders of both nations, which provides strategic guidance for future bilateral relations. Notably, President Bio’s visit marked a historic milestone as the first State visit by an African Head of State since President Xi’s re-election.

Secondly, Ambassador Wang stressed the consolidation of China-Sierra Leone friendship and political mutual trust, citing instances of mutual support during challenging times such as the Ebola outbreak and the ongoing fight against COVID-19. Both sides reaffirmed their commitment to supporting each other’s core interests, with Sierra Leone firmly endorsing the one-China principle.

The third aspect highlighted the deepening of practical cooperation between China and Sierra Leone, exemplified by the signing of bilateral cooperation documents spanning various sectors such as the Belt and Road Initiative, agriculture and economic development.

Lastly, Ambassador Wang emphasized the closer regional and international cooperation between the two nations, as they pledged to uphold principles of equality, oppose hegemonism, and support true multilateralism. Both sides reiterated their commitment to the UN-centered international system and expressed readiness to enhance coordination on global issues.

Reflecting on the enduring friendship between China and Sierra Leone, Ambassador Wang quoted an ancient Chinese poem, emphasizing the resilience of true friendship across vast distances. He expressed confidence that under the strategic guidance of their leaders, bilateral cooperation would continue to flourish, bringing tangible benefits to both nations.

In closing, Ambassador Wang affirmed China’s commitment to advancing the Comprehensive Strategic Cooperative Partnership with Sierra Leone, heralding a new era of strengthened ties and mutual prosperity.

The “Face to Face with China” press reception provided a valuable platform for fostering greater understanding and cooperation between China and Sierra Leone, marking yet another significant milestone in their enduring partnership.


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