Fatima Bio Calls on Sierra Leoneans to be United

Madam Fatima Bio, First Lady of the Republic of Sierra Leone

By John Marrah

Madam Fatima Bio, First Lady of the Republic of Sierra Leone, has said that under the leadership of his Excellency the President, Rtd. Julius Maada Bio, the nation has accomplished a lot in less than two years and she is of the strongest opinion that the leadership of her husband would not fail Sierra Leoneans. This statement and many more were part of a passionate speech she made at a Town Hall Meeting in London recently.

“For the very first time, when we meet we don’t talk about politics, we talk about development. For the very first time when Sierra Leoneans gather in Sierra Leone we talk about the way forward and we don’t ask about our colours. When we go there I wear red, somebody else wears green and we forgot that I should be wearing Green and they should be wearing red. For the very first time we do that now in Sierra Leone. Our independence and Freedom is with us,” she stated.

Mrs Fatima Bio particularly lauded the efforts of the Government for the free quality education that was launched by President Bio, which she referred to as a first in Sierra Leone and affirmed that it would stand the test of time to become the biggest legacy of the President’s leadership.

“Our kids are going to school and the parents are not obliged to be worried about school fees and the Government is making sure that our teachers are paid on time. That is one burden that His Excellency has taken from us women of Sierra Leone” she noted.

She praised the Minister of Finance, Jacob Jusu Saffa, whom she said has been able to keep the economy stable and pay the salaries of workers over the past 18 months without any hitch.

“It is the very first time in the history of Sierra Leone that we have paid salaries on time consistently for this period of time. Today, workers get their salaries on time without us resorting to over drafts and accruing interests on loans,” she intimated.

The First Lady also used the occasion to explain the importance of her ‘Hands off our Girls’ Campaign, which she said is a campaign for all Sierra Leoneans.

“It’s for our children. It doesn’t matter whether you are APC, SLPP, NGC, or C4C, as long as that child is a Sierra Leonean, it is for her,” she emphasised.

She thanked President Bio for giving women the voice as she assured that they should use their voices now for a very positive mission and change, saying that the New Direction is a new Direction for every Sierra Leoneans.

Madam Bio reiterated that there is no country in the world that has developed when its people are not educated, when the people are not empowered, and when the people do not have the right security, adding that President Bio is championing the cause and they are rallying behind him.

She concluded on a very passionate note, declaring that “Sierra Leone is the Lion Mountain of Africa and together they can make Sierra Leone the most beautiful country on planet earth”.



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