Integrity Score Card to Trigger Major Cabinet Shakeup

Economist Prince Jacob Macauley

By Foday Moriba Conteh

The die is cast and time is up for many Cabinet Ministers. The Integrity Score Card as prepared by Economist Prince Jacob Macauley, this medium learnt, will serve as the time bomb that will trigger a major cabinet shakeup in President Bio’s Government which, according to him, is long overdue.

In a snap interview the Economist maintained that various Ministries, Departments and Agencies are under proper scrutiny and his Score Card will be used as a guide to make assessments which would finally lead to affirmative action to be instituted in due course which obviously will see more heads roll in the public sector.

“The former Minister of Water Resources is gone but the Score Card will still have to examine activities in that Ministry in order to arrive at the decision of whether those activities are good or bad for the nation,” Economist Jacob Macauley told our reporter..

He said that President Bio will have to decide on that but the question will arise as to how SALWACO and GUMA have been doing since President Bio came to office.

He noted that the Health Ministry under Dr Alpha Wurie has been facing teething challenges since President Bio took office with no respite. It is as if the Health Ministry is set to remain a baby forever not going for solid foods, adding that the operations of the Health Ministry will be examined by the Score Card, the relationship between the Minister and other senior members of that Ministry and the way the supply of drugs are going on, will all be laid bare.

He further said that the Education Ministries, both Basic and Tertiary, appear to be laden with endless problems. With the Chinese rice saga, Free Education Textbooks problems and Fourah Bay College now on strike, there is need for thorough assessments of both. He noted that the people of this country had high hopes that the Trade Ministry will be in a position to address the problem of the rise in prices of local commodities but there seems to be lethargy in that Ministry with prices spiraling as if we are going down a bottomless pit.

What is this nation buying or selling? What about the Local Content Policy of this nation, how effective is it? Will this nation continue to crawl without ever standing on its feet as far as international trade is concerned? The Integrity Score Card will be asking these questions and many more.

He disclosed that the Justice Ministry must deliver justice to the people but the snail pace at which justice is administered in this country is alarming and the Score Card will be exposing some of the reasons for the phenomenon.

He said what was expected after President Bio took office was for the Agriculture Ministry to deliver on the promise of First Gentleman to make this country food sufficient but why this has not been achieved is anybody’s guess but the Integrity Score Card will expose all that.

This week there will be more Ministries examined before the Integrity Score Card comes out next week.




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