The general public is reminded that the act of indiscriminately attaching stickers, posters, flyers, and other advertisement to walls, trees or any other structure along streets, roads, footpaths, and highways is an offence, according to Section 3(j) of the Freetown City Council Statutory Nuisance Bye-laws of 2010, which states:

“Without prejudice to the exercise by a Health Authority of any other powers vested in them by Public Health Act, 1960, the following matters shall, subject to these bye-laws, constitute statutory nuisance —
(j). Any display of banners or erection of billboards or other advertising hoardings without first obtaining appropriate permits from Council;”

Such advertisements can be an eyesore, nuisance, or distraction to road & footpath users, potentially causing road accidents and they undermine the Council’s city beautification efforts.

Following prior consultation with various stakeholders and affected groups in the city, notice is hereby given to the general public that effective 31st March 2019, Freetown City Council will carry out its mandate and ensure that any person or organisation caught contravening the above law will face enforcement action.

Any costs incurred by the Freetown City Council to remove such advertisements will also be charged to the person or organisations responsible for placing them.

The Freetown City Council is urging the general public to heed to this notice and support the Council’s efforts to Transform Freetown!

Festus B. Kallay
Chief Administrator
Freetown City Council


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