For Snap Remittances… Afrimoney Seals Partnership with BnB

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By Foday Moriba Conteh

In a bid to enable active customers of Afrimoney to receive money remitted from overseas through their Afrimoney Account via BnB in the country, Afrimoney has on Wednesday 29th June, 2021 sealed a partnership with BnB. The official signing ceremony took place at the Africell’s Headquarters on Wilberforce in Freetown.

Addressing pressmen, the BNB Group CEO, Dr. Barry emphasized that it would make it easier for people living overseas to send money through the Afrimoney Account, made possible by international cooperating partners.

Dr. Barry said the partnership will make it easy for people living abroad to send money to their family members from BnB into their Afrimoney mobile money accounts, adding that it will also help in accelerating such remittances, continuing that BnB as an organization is very pleased with the partnership.

Making an addendum to the CEO of BnB, the Marketing Manager of the BNB Chichi Aretbesola, said BnB is actually a product of pain and that the CEO Dr. Barry and his technical team came up with the idea to partner with Afrimoney to make money transactions much easier for people living in Africa.

She pointed out that the BNB Group remittance transaction is faster, safer and easy to use; assuring that it is very secured. The Marketing Manager concluded by stating that the organization is very excited about the partnership with Afrimoney.

On his part, the Director of Afrimoney, Martison Obeng-Agyei, said the partnership is very important, noting that before people were somehow finding it difficult to receive monies sent to them by family members living in other countries, adding: “But through Afrimoney that has changed.”

He said Africa is actually leading the way when it comes to remittance, adding that the BNB Group has made it easier for people to send money from one country to another conveniently. He said Afrimoney’s partnership with the BNB Group is intended for people to send money to their loved ones, including paying their children’s school fees, through their Afrimoney Accounts.

The Afrimoney Director said people are now buying their EDSA top-ups through Afrimoney, including those living in the provinces. “Afrimoney users can receive money sent to them from overseas in a convenient manner…we want Sierra Leone to be on the world map,” he said, adding that Sierra Leone is not among the top ten African countries in terms of remittance.

He noted that the partnership will not only ensure that Sierra Leoneans living abroad can send money to their family members in a secured manner ‘but will also ensure that every single cent sent from overseas to Sierra Leone is received at the right time, with the right amount and commission’.

Earlier the Assistant Media Manager at Africell, Nancy L. Toure, also said people living overseas can now send money to their loved ones through the BNB Group who will then redirect the transaction through the receiver’s Afrimoney Account.

Madam Toure furthered that Afrimoney users can cash out money sent to them by their loved ones at any time or moment, noting that the reason behind the partnership is to ensure that life becomes easier for everyone using Afrimoney. She encouraged Afrimoney users to download the BNB App so that life will become easier for them and also urged Sierra Leoneans to inform their friends and loved ones to send money through their Afrimoney Wallets which, according to her, is fast, safe, easy to use and very secured.

BNB Group


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