Gento Dilates on the Reality of his Mayoral Aspiration


By Amin Kef (Ranger)

As time continues to go by so the political tempo in the country keeps rising .What is now certain is that the SLPP has now  identified a Presidential Flagbearer in the person of President Julius Maada Bio, his running mate, Dr Mohamed Juldeh Jalloh and its Mayoral Candidate, Mohamed Gento Kamara.

However, on the other hand, the main opposition APC party has only identified its Presidential Flagbearer in the person of Dr Samura Kamara but his running mate and Mayoral Candidate have not been made public up to the time of going to Press.

As the clock continue to tick towards June 24, 2023 it is usually the case in these trying times for those who are aspiring for political positions and especially the supporters of the two dominant parties, SLPP and APC  to keep outdoing themselves in trying to make themselves relevant to the electorates, win their support and votes.

While all the politiking is taking place, a rumour is been widely peddled physically and via the social media that Mohamed Gento Kamara, is mainly aspiring to be elected as Mayor of the Freetown Municipality because he is only interested in amassing wealth for personal aggrandizement  and going further to state that he may want to use his position as Mayor to make himself filthy rich at the expense of residents of the Freetown Metropolis.

In order to clarify that to know whether the allegation was true, the SLPP Mayoral Candidate, Mohamed Gento Kamara, willingly granted this medium an interview. During the interview ,he candidly intimated  that had it been for self riches and self aggrandizement, he has no reason for aspiring for the Mayoral position of Freetown or even stepping into the pool of politics because he had been blessed by God with the pleasures of this world (riches) maintaining that he is really content with what he has.

The man of the moment, Gento, continued that he has always reiterated  when addressing his people that his focal vision is to sway away from anything that will destroy the attainment of paradise underscoring that if becoming the Mayor of Freetown will contravene that he will ask God not to grant his aspiration.

He mentioned how he has always loved serving his people in their best interests and in the interest of Allah concurrently.

The affable, charismatic and result oriented political aspirant used the opportunity to beseech Freetonians to come together with undivided attention in making sure the leadership of the municipality of Freetown is saved from savages.

Gento pointed out categorically that he can tell, with no personal animosity, that the leadership of Freetown has dwelled in the hands of poor leadership calling on all to elect a reasonable leader who will serve in the interest of Freetonians.

He enjoined all to join the Gento Movement, vote him as the next Mayor and make the expected change for Freetown,



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