Gento Preaches Religious Tolerance for Political Balance

At Masjid Sabirin…


By Amin Kef (Ranger)

The Mayoral aspirant of the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP), Mohamed Gento Kamara on Friday 24th March 2023 joined hundreds of worshippers at Masjid Sabirin, Opposite the Sierra Leone Road Safety Authority Head Office on Kissy Road in the East End of Freetown to observe the first Jumah Prayers in the Holy Month of Ramadan.

He was warmly received and welcomed by the Chief Imam, Sheik Faud, who stated that they are pleased to have him in their midst on such an important and memorable day as they gather together to worship the Almighty God. The Imam wished him well in all his aspirations and endeavours.

Addressing the mammoth congregation that was assembled to worship Allah on that Friday and the large crowd that was gathered outside the Mosque, purposefully, to have a glimpse of him and listen to what he had to say, Gento Kamara, clad in a blue flowing gown, briefly narrated how he suffered to gain education.

He informed his co-worshippers that he is aspiring for the Mayoral position of Freetown after experiencing the horrors of the August 10 incident. He added that what he did observe during that time was that certain people belonging to various tribal groups in the country do not like each other.

The Mayoral Candidate urged his audience to always endeavour to love one another at all times irrespective of tribal or regional differences because that is what Allah wants and approves.

He informed his audience that he is also aspiring for the Mayoral position in Freetown because he wants to promote religious tolerance and political balance. He added that it is not appropriate for a Christian Mayoral aspirant to have another Christian from Freetown as a Running Mate.

“This is why as a Mayoral aspirant for Freetown I not will select a Muslim for my Running Mate,” Mr. Kamara said. He added that he would do so in accordance with the country’s long standing practice of religious tolerance, adding that this would help unify Christians and Muslims as well as bring together the different tribes in the country.

He used the opportunity to inform his co-worshippers that the Creoles are Sierra Leoneans and are friends of all the other tribes in Sierra Leone. He noted, however, that this means that the Mayoral seat in Freetown is not only for Creoles, but belongs also to candidates of other tribes. He urged all citizens to be aware of the fact that Sierra Leone is for all Sierra Leoneans and that all political positions can be occupied by any qualified Sierra Leonean irrespective of their tribal affiliation, ethnic background or region.

He prayed that Allah gives him victory in the race for Mayor, and also prayed for a victory which would be genuine and not a victory that would take him far away from Allah.

It could be recalled that it was during the climax of the 13th National Delegates’ Conference of the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) held at the Bintumani Conference Centre at Aberdeen in Freetown, on 9th February, 2023 that the Leader and Deputy Leader of the  SLPP (President Dr. Bio and Vice President Dr. Jalloh respectively) officially endorsed Chief Mohamed Gento Kamara as the only contending Mayoral candidate who has been awarded the party symbol to contest for the position in the forthcoming Local Government Election (Freetown City Council Mayoral Election) slated to take place in June this year.

The announcement received support from thousands of party loyalists who jubilantly shouted, expressing joy and maintaining the determination that the team is now set to emerge victorious in the forthcoming elections.

President Bio informed the elated crowd at the time that he has chosen his team for the June 2023 General election and appealed as well as encouraged electorates across the country to make no mistake in electing a winning team underscoring the significance of voting for Chief Mohamed Gento Kamara as the next Mayor of Freetown in order to protect the future of the Municipality by seriously mapping out and implementing impactful and developmental oriented initiatives to sync with modern trends.

After expressing his gratitude for the offer, Chief Mohamed Gento Kamara reassured Freetonians of an efficient service delivery system when elected as the next Mayor of Freetown. He outlined his key priority areas of focusing attention and resources including ensuring unfettered supply of water from taps, undertaking thorough and sustainable cleaning exercises, recycling of waste into consumable products, promote unification by breaking the scourge of tribalism.

He encourages all his supporters to maintain an inclusive political strategy and to campaign beyond party, tribal and religious lines, adding that the main objectives of his Mayoral aspiration are centred around resolving tribal indifferences and creating a platform for inclusive development as well as total unification.

Chief Kamara has a long track record of success in his professional and personal life. He has shown an unwavering commitment to the development of the capital city and has demonstrated the leadership skills needed to make a real difference in the country.


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