“Get a Career Game Changer and Get Ahead…”    – Online Degree Programmes from a Top Indian University –  Now at Sierra Leone

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By Amin Kef Sesay

Online education, which has been on backburner so long, has suddenly emerged at the forefront of all educational endeavors. We have realized that many things we thought of as impossible prior to the pandemic were actually prevented only by perceptual barriers. Thrust as we are into the mode of ’emergency remote teaching’, it is imperative that online education measures up to the expectations and needs of the learners. This can happen only if both the instructors and the students assiduously equip themselves such that the online learning experiences are worthwhile and memorable.

CODE is offering a unique amalgam of Academic + Skills qualification, first of its kind in the country. An Integrated qualification which comes with both ONLINE DEGREE + OFFLINE DIPLOMA program in an interactive hybrid pedagogy of training delivery, in collaboration with the prestigious University from India, the Manipal University Jaipur as associate partner and the world leader in IT, NIIT as technology delivery partner. Manipal University Jaipur, India offers purely academic courses ONLINE whereas CODE provides skills competence in IT technologies in collaboration with NIIT under offline training methodology.

The requirements are as follows: An applicant must have BECE and WASSCE results, an identity card and address proof.

Why ONLINE Degrees?

Flexible: Students can choose to learn at their convenience. They can rise early, go to bed late, study in long bursts or short ones, use their commute to revise – as per their schedule and lifestyle.

 Modern: Study material, discussions, assessments, and doubt clearance are all online, broken down into small, easily learnable sets.

High Quality: Get access to leading industry experts and faculty members, without having to leave your town. All delivered through a best-in-class learning platform.

Cost-effective: No need to leave jobs and forego earnings for higher education. Fees are considerably lower for online programmes than equivalent on-campus programmes and inclusive of all study material.

Recognized: Online degrees are now recognized by the Government, higher education authorities and Corporates as certificates of quality learning.

For the admission forms and other details visit CODE – College of Digital Excellence at 36 Main Motor Road, Congo Cross Freetown or Email: info@codesl.org or Telephone: 073-500600, 073-500500, 030-500500 or WhatsApp: 073-506070

Admissions are now open for the Bachelor in Computer Applications (BCA) and Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA) courses.

At CODE, it is not just learning but empowering aspiring and ambitious individuals not only in preparing them to become industry ready from day one but to be confident, to be the next generation and to be productive new individuals in the society.


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