Recently Discharging 6,000 Metric Tons of Diesel… NP-SL Receives 5,150 Metric Tons of Petrol to Cushion the Fuel Crisis

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By Amin Kef Sesay

The leading petroleum importing and marketing company that has been selflessly and positively contributing to overall national development, the National Petroleum-Sierra Leone Limited (NP-SL Ltd) has once more demonstrated that it is a pro-active business entity. On the 1st April 2022 the company received the MT Twinkle Star vessel with 5,150 metric tons of petrol at the Kissy Terminal.

This new development took place in the wake of less than a week when on the 27th March 2022 the company also received another consignment of over 6,000 metric tons of diesel at the company’s jetty, where the vessel berthed by 1:00 PM and a day after, the diesel was discharged for onward distribution.

It could be stated with all amount of certainty that despite the current challenges encountered in the process of making the availability of petroleum products possible now accentuated by the ongoing Russian-Ukrainian war, the fact remains that as a pro-people company, NP-SL Ltd is going the extra-mile to ensure that these products are accessible to many in the customer.

What is clear for now is that with the quantity of diesel and petrol that has been lately brought in by NP-SL Ltd added to what other oil marketing companies, chiefly Leonco, has come with there is a considerable amount of petroleum products widely available to prevent hoarding, panic buying and the creation of artificial scarcity.

The National Petroleum –Sierra Leone Limited (NP-SL Ltd) has been regarded as a well-positioned institution within the realm of being a very pro-active institution that is always poised to pragmatically put concrete arrangements in place to ensure that the populace in this country gain access to qualitative petroleum products ranging from petrol, diesel, gas to lubricants, including the ever highly demanded Castrol lubricant oil that has been rated to be a very good for the efficient  lubrication of various engines.

NP-SL is indeed poised to continue to avail its numerous customers with qualitative products that the company markets.

To make the purchase of fuel very simple NP-SL Ltd introduced the NP Smart Card, which enables organizations and individuals to purchase fuel at ease without using physical cash. By introducing this latest technology, it avails its customers the convenience in conducting transactions at Filling Stations as long there is credit in their NP Smart Cards.

With NP-SL Ltd, Customer Care is always taken paramount as Management ensures that customer satisfaction is prioritized. The company truly deserves commendation in that direction.
With well-motivated members of staff, who know how to efficiently treat customers, NP-SL Ltd has become very endearing to many.

NP Gas is also for sale by the company. It is a gas cooker which has been proven to be safe and friendly for domestic use. Gas is as well available at the company’s Filling Stations which individuals can purchase at affordable prices.

The company is one of the few business entities in this country that strictly adheres to the country’s Local Content Policy by strictly offering jobs to Sierra Leoneans except in situations when expert knowledge and skills are outsourced. This has helped in providing jobs and reducing poverty.

NP-SL Ltd is a major tax payer to the National Revenue Authority and is contributing to Government’s revenue which is used for the implementation of various development programmes.

The company has truly made Sierra Leone proud as it has branches within the West Africa sub-region in countries like neighbouring Guinea, Liberia, Ivory Coast and The Gambia where they are vibrantly functioning.

Indeed, NP-SL Ltd is a true partner that is truly passionate about deepening overall national development.


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