Government Calls for Private Sector Investment in Water Infrastructure

In observance of International World Water Day, which annually underscores the significance of freshwater resources and advocates for their sustainable management, Dr. Isatta Sao-Kpato Hannah Macarthy, Minister of Water Resources and Sanitation, emphasized the importance of private sector involvement in water infrastructure investment.

Addressing attendees at the Youyi Building in Freetown, Dr. Isatta highlighted President Bio’s initiative to incorporate sanitation into the Ministry of Water Resources, underscoring the Government’s commitment to tackling water-related challenges comprehensively.

Emphasizing equitable access to clean water and sanitation as a fundamental human right, Dr. Isatta stressed the necessity of private sector participation to realize this vision. She pointed out that despite perceptions, providing potable water to communities entails significant investment and effort.

Acknowledging challenges such as water scarcity, unequal distribution, and environmental degradation, Dr. Isatta also underscored the importance of trans-boundary water resource management and cooperation.

The Minister outlined the Government’s plans to raise awareness and address various water-related issues, including expanding access to clean water, conserving water catchment areas, and enhancing water resource management.

She concluded by emphasizing collaboration with diverse stakeholders, including Government agencies, civil society organizations, and international partners, to harness the transformative potential of water in promoting peace, dignity and sustainability.


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