Rokel Commercial Bank Issues Communiqué of Cybersecurity Conference

By Amin Kef (Ranger)

In a significant stride towards bolstering Cybersecurity infrastructure in Sierra Leone, the Rokel Commercial Bank, in conjunction with EST Applied Intelligence from the United Kingdom, orchestrated a pivotal national symposium on Cybersecurity and Financial Inclusion. The symposium, convened at the Freetown City Council Auditorium on February 22nd, 2024, convened a diverse array of over 500 stakeholders hailing from financial institutions, government bodies, the private sector, academia, and security agencies.

Under the adept stewardship of Dr. Ekundayo Walton Gilpin, Managing Director of Rokel Commercial Bank Sierra Leone Limited, the symposium witnessed robust discussions and collaborations aimed at fortifying the nation’s Cybersecurity resilience. Following the symposium, a select group of experts engaged in a working breakfast session, culminating in the identification of six pivotal variables encapsulated in the symposium’s communiqué with salient points  including:

Heightened Awareness:
Recognizing the evolving threat landscape of Cybersecurity and the imperative of proactive measures to mitigate risks.

Best Practices: Emphasizing the importance of understanding and implementing optimal frameworks and strategies to safeguard digital assets and sensitive customer data.

Collaborative Networks: Advocating for strengthened professional connections and collaboration opportunities across financial services, defense, national security, and broader Cybersecurity domains.

Formation of Cybersecurity Tiger Group: Pioneering the establishment of Sierra Leone’s inaugural Cybersecurity Tiger Group aimed at fostering cross-sector collaboration and capacity building.

Inception of Financial Services Cybersecurity Chapter:
Marking the genesis of Sierra Leone’s first Financial Services Cybersecurity Chapter, aptly named The Gilpin Chapter.

Launch of Defence Cybersecurity Chapter: Introducing Sierra Leone’s maiden Defence Cybersecurity Chapter, dubbed The Lavahun Chapter, to fortify national security infrastructure.

The Managing Director, Dr. Ekundayo Walton Gilpin, extends heartfelt appreciation to distinguished guests, speakers, panelists, media representatives, and partners for their invaluable contributions to the symposium’s success.

He also commends the organizing committee and volunteers for their dedication, pivotal in ensuring the seamless execution of the symposium and breakfast.

As stakeholders reflect on the symposium’s insights and connections forged, Dr. Gilpin urged continued collaboration and innovation in the realm of Cybersecurity. Emphasizing the significance of staying connected, he underscored the collective endeavor towards fortifying defenses, adapting to evolving threats, and fostering a secure digital ecosystem.

The symposium’s momentum, as articulated by Dr. Gilpin, is poised to propel positive change and elevate Cybersecurity standards. With a shared commitment to excellence, stakeholders are poised to embark on a journey towards a secure and resilient digital future.


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