Housemates Salone is an Advert Conduit & a Learning Platform

It has now been well established that the ongoing 2019 Housemates Salone Reality TV Show provides a convenient and proper channel which certain business entities are currently making use of to advertise goods and services. When cognisance is taken of the fact that the Show is widely viewed, in and out of the country, using it as a conduit for advertisement means reaching out to the wider public.
In an exclusive interview with the Managing Director of Rokel Commercial Bank (RCB), Walton Gilpin, shortly after their engagement with the Housemates in the House, he intimated that indeed they were pleased to roll out the various promotions or banking services that the Bank offers. “As a Bank we do believe that viewers outside there who were following the Show also benefitted from the briefings by myself and two female members of staff. It is my hope that most got an insight of the services we are offering,” he expressed optimism saying indeed Housemates Salone is good for business entities.
Kobi Walker, who is the Managing Director, of the National Petroleum (NP) Company confided in this medium that advertising through the Housemates Salone Show, will surely inform people about what the company has to offer. He furthered that business prosperity is closely tied to advertisement which is why they seized the opportunity to advertise through the Show.
Though the program is principally a social one where the participants are expected to display nudity, strong language and humour yet it is a learning pad. The Housemates are taken through various motivational lectures on how to live positive lifestyles,
Indeed, the principal objective of the Housemates Reality show is to promote Youth Empowerment and through engaging them mentally is geared towards achieving that,

What is certain as of now is that the ongoing close locked battle is an affair among the remaining ten who must convincingly woo the public to vote for them via Africell No 5500. The more the merrier!
According to how the reality show is tailored, the Housemates are expected to display innate talents that must captivate the populace and excite them in order to move them to vote for the Housemates they consider are fit and capable to reach the very top.
The organizers of this much talked about show, the Africa Young Voices (AYV) and Africell, with support from certain corporate entities have been hailed for putting together such a thrilling and breath-taking Realty TV Show with many saying it is indeed a show that is well organized and going on fine which according to those views it is interesting to watch on AYV Television Channel 34.
If in reality the show is very much interesting it is the role being played by the intriguing Invisible Chief with the commanding baritone voice giving intermittent instructions to the Housemates to carry out certain assignments or to ask them to articulate themselves well by responding to questions posed.

So we have witnessed fairness pervading the competition and there has not been a known instance of any foul play. There are rumours that certain fans of the various Housemates have expressed dissatisfaction over the eviction of their favourites. Cognisance, however, must be taken that in any competition which is keen there may be apprehensions and conjectures as it unfolds but the truth of the matter is that there will be winners and losers. The 2019 Housemates Salone is no exception especially when a whooping star prize of one hundred million Leones (Le 100,000,000) awaits the ultimate winner.

It must be reiterated that in reality Housemates Salone is an effective channel to widely reach out to the people in terms of advertising and serves a platform to mentally empower


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