Petroleum Regulatory Agency Director Hails NP

General Manager NP, Kobi Walker

The Director of Petroleum Regulatory Agency, Victor Sawyer has recently profusely praised the National Petroleum (NP) SL- Ltd. This was what he said about the company: “NP is the biggest oil marketer in the country. What they are doing here is to serve the people and ensure that fuel is available at all times.”
He urged NP to continue to involve the agency in all the processes leading to the building of any new fuel station.
It is on record that there is a very good symbiotic relationship between the regulatory body and NP. Both are regularly having engagements, strategizing to ensure that there is no shortage of petroleum products on the market and how to give customers the best in terms of services.
Engaging the General Manager of NP (SL) limited, Kobi Walker, he intimated that contrary to what some are postulating that the company is owned by politicians such is totally erroneous underscoring that it is owned by Sierra Leoneans.
He further disclosed that the company is owned and managed by thirty-five committed Serra Leoneans, who sacrificed their end of service benefits in 1996 to buy the institution.
The General Manager pointed out, “Not a single person who was not part of those that bought NP in 1996 has one percent share in the company. Not a single President, both present and former or a politician has a share in the company. NP is owned and managed by 35 Sierra Leoneans.”
He stated that because of the selflessness and commitment of those who opted to buy the company when the Government decided to sell it 23 years ago, they have been able to empower more than 350,000 Sierra Leoneans, build 38 stations countrywide and established relationship with 180 other Sierra Leonean stations.
He added that they also have their presence in Liberia, Guinea, Ivory Coast and The Gambia and that the selflessness and dedication of those Sierra Leoneans is what was driving them forward to continue opening stations across the country.
The GM also disclosed that some of those who bought the company in 1996 are still working tirelessly to ensure that NP continues to be the best in terms of customer care and petroleum services in the country.
In another engagement the Chairman Board of Directors, Mike Carroll said: “We continue to grow because of the patronage and support of customers. We continue to associate ourselves with communities because of the confidence that our products and properties are in safe hands at all times.”
He added that those working presently in the company are all Sierra Leoneans, which is why they continue to record successes in the business of petroleum services.
He urged for more support with the promise of opening more stations.
NP SL- Limited has been offering various services to its numerous customers besides the sale of fuel ranging from marketing NP Gas cookers, various assorted goods in mini marts, making provision for tires to be mended. Apart from that the company has been dishing out humanitarian gestures that have positively improved communities and enhanced living standards.


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