Implementing Court Ruling…   APC Institutes 21-Man Interim Transition Governing Committee

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By Esther Wright

As it was reported by this medium that it was decided by key players of the  main opposition, All People’s Congress (APC) that they will not contest the ruling of High Court Judge, Justice Adrian Fisher, but rather implement it , on Friday 13th May 2022, a 21-Man Interim Transition Governing Committee was unveiled by its Chairman, Alfred Peter Conteh.

The composition of the 21-Man Interim Transition Governing Committee is as follows: 9 Man (Selected by  Alfred Peter Conteh)
Alfred Peter Conteh (Chairman)
Hon Ibrahim Bundu
Rashid Santigie Sesay
Sulemani Bumneh
Madam Emma Simbo
Alhaji SAT Kamara
Alhaji Akah Koroma
Bintu Conteh

Those appointed by Chernor Bah alias Chericoco are: WEST
Hon. Rugiatu Rose Kanu
Hon. Alpha Bah

Hon. AKK
Hon. Abdul Kargbo

Hon. Lahai Marah
Hon. Aron Koroma

Hon. Isaac Tom Tucker

Hon. Amadu Kanu

Legal team – Alpha Jalloh
Youth Congress – Ibrahim Prince Tholley
Women’s Congress – Marie Tambaka Kamara
Diaspora -Hassan Kamara


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