Indian Community Donates Food Items & PPEs to Staff of FBC Isolation Centre


By Amin Kef Sesay

During a short but impressive donation on the 30th May 2020 on the Fourah Bay College Campus in Freetown, marking the third donation since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, the Indian Community handed over food items and Personal Protection Equipment to members of staff of the Isolation Centre stationed in that part of the country.

Present at the donation ceremony were Harish Agnani, Rajesh Hemnani, Manoj Rajwani, Coordinator of the Isolation Centre Major Patricia .S.Briama, Tamba W Ansumana –IPC Environmentalist/Public Health Officer-FBC, Matron of the Centre Josephine Sellu, Staff of the Centre and journalists.

The items that were donated include  120 Kavita Handwash, 120 Kavita Handwash Sanitizers, 6 Dustbin 300 Lt with wheel, 6 Handwash Device 200 ltr with accessories & 50 ltr dustbin, 20 Mgl 369- buckets 30ltr, 1 basin 50ltr in Dozen,1 basin 70ltr in dozen,10 plastic tables, 40 classic chairs,2 5000 ltr Milla Water tank,10 bags(25kg)Sonia Rice, 5 Boxes Nutrillac,10 boxes Nutrilon, 10 Padi Oil (10ltrs).

Before handing over the items, a representative of the Indian Community, Harish Agnani, disclosed how they received a request from frontline workers at the Isolation Centre soliciting assistance based on the fact that they are facing certain constraints in the discharge of their duties and that the bureaucracies in getting timely Government’s response may sometimes slow down quick response.

Harish stated that it is understandable that at this particular point in time the Government is overwhelmed with efforts to contain the spread of the coronavirus and therefore could not attend to all concerns instantaneously which was why they decided to respond to the request that was communicated to them.

He highlighted that the coronavirus does not differentiate in terms of its attack based on race or status underscoring the need to come together and collectively combat its spread and onslaught.

“This is the 3rd donation that the Indian Community has so far made. The first included rice,oil ,other items and was done at the Military Headquarter at Cockerill, the second was donating IT Equipment to the Emergency Operation Centre,” he further revealed, adding that based on another request they received from the 34 hospital requesting support for beds they, however ,decided to rehabilitate and renovate as well as rehabilitate a ward for the hospital saying it will soon be completed. He assured of continued support to combat the spread of the virus.

Coordinator of the Indian Community in the country, Rajesh Hemnani, said they have been trying very hard to offer whatever support they could garner in order to give their support to the Government in the fight against COVID-19. He wished all the staff at the Centre well and expressed hope that they will soon recover and return home.

Receiving the donated items was the IPC Public Health Officer, Tamba .W.Ansumana, who thanked the Indian Community and expressed optimism that the items will help in overcoming some of the constraints they were hitherto facing. He underscored the importance of enhancing and adhering to good hygiene and health practices saying such is very significant to prevent contracting the virus.

Major Patricia .S.Briama, Coordinator of the FBC isolation Centre disclosed how the centre was established on the 28th April 2020 and since then have received a cumulative number of over two hundred and fifty patients out of which a good number recovered and returned home. She highlighted that they have not recorded a single death, thanking the staff for the good work they have been doing. She also extended appreciation and thanks to the Indian Community for coming to their aid assuring that all the items will be utilized for the intended purposes.

Climaxing the donation ceremony was a vote of thanks delivered by Matron Josephine Sellu during which she profusely thanked the Indian Community.


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