Indian Community Funds 3-Year-Old Boy’s Second Medical Treatment Abroad

By Foday Moriba Conteh


The journey to this moment began when the mother of Alhaji Lamrana Jalloh approached Rajesh Balani, a prominent Indian businessman who owns Balani and Sons Enterprise, seeking assistance for her ailing child. In response, Rajesh Balani reached out to the Indian Community in Sierra Leone, urging them to contribute to the child’s treatment.

Harish Agnani, speaking on behalf of the Indian Community, revealed that they had responded to the call by raising funds amounting to $20,000. This generous contribution will cover all the medical expenses involved in Alhaji Lamrana Jalloh’s treatment, as well as other attendant costs in India. In March 2023, the young boy was flown to India for surgical treatment.

However, due to the child’s age, only one operation (the heart operation) was performed during the initial trip. The second operation, a crucial anus operation, had to be postponed until 3 to 4 months, adding that a month ago, a team of doctors from Max Healthcare in India, the same hospital where the child had his first operation, visited the Choithram Hospital in Sierra Leone. After examination, they deemed the child ready for the second operation, and as part of their continued support, the Indian Community raised over $8,000 to facilitate the child’s travel to India for the second operation.

Harish Agnani explained that the funds raised had already been sent to the Indian hospital to cover the operation. Return tickets and visas have been secured and an additional $1,000 was given to the accompanying mother to cover expenses during their stay in India.

He emphasized the strong bond the Indian Community has with Sierra Leone, with many members residing in the country for an extended period. Their commitment to providing assistance whenever and wherever needed remains unwavering. Their heartfelt wish is for Alhaji Lamrana Jalloh to undergo a successful medical treatment and return to Sierra Leone in good health.

Rajesh Balani, the son of the owner of Balani and Sons, shared how the child’s parents approached him with a heartfelt plea for help. Touched by their plight, he mobilized the Indian Community for donations, highlighting the fantastic cooperation by all who contributed. He expressed gratitude to Harish Agnani for his invaluable efforts and wished the child and his parents well.

The child’s mother, Ramatu Jalloh, expressed profound gratitude to Pa Balani for his support, the Indian Community for funding the medical treatment, and Harish Agnani for his coordination efforts. She prayed for the success of the second operation and the well-being of her child.

The ceremony concluded with the official presentation of tickets, documents, and an additional $1,000 to the accompanying mother to cover expenses during their stay in India. On September 12th, 2023, the child and his mother departed Sierra Leone for India, marking another significant chapter in this heart-warming story of compassion and community support.


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