Information Ministry’s Shift from English to Krio Aims to Foster Improved Public Engagement

By Amin Kef (Ranger)

In a move signaling a profound commitment to bolstering effective public communication, Chernor Bah, the Minister of Information and Civic Education, announced a pivotal transition from the English language to the Local Krio language during the Ministry’s customary weekly press briefing on Tuesday, August 15, 2023. This strategic decision has elicited widespread commendation from citizens nationwide, who regard it as a progressive leap towards heightened involvement and comprehension.

The choice to convey messages in the Local Krio language underscores a resolute dedication to reaching a broader spectrum of the populace and narrowing the divide between the governing body and its citizens. By embracing the native tongue, the Ministry aspires to ensure that information becomes accessible to an expanded demographic, thus advancing inclusivity and transparency as core principles.

The public’s reception of this transformative shift has been overwhelmingly positive, with citizens extending praise to the Minister for acknowledging the pivotal role of linguistic inclusivity. The prevailing sentiment is that this move will cultivate a more robust rapport between the Government and the citizenry, thereby facilitating lucid communication and a more profound grasp of policies and undertakings.

The adoption of the Local Krio language as the communication conduit underscores the Ministry’s unwavering commitment to addressing the multifaceted needs of the diverse population under its purview.

As citizens applaud this forward-looking approach, the Government anticipates fortifying its bond with the public through efficacious communication that resonates with their cultural sensibilities.


  1. I am in line with the rest of the citizens that sided with this shift of language dissemination of information to the public ie in Krio. I thought I was alone about this. Anger just comes out of me whenever I see and hear important information relayed to the public in English rather than in Krio. Bear in mind that, approximately 60% of the populace are finding it hard to understand the language English and hence false and misleading information are past down to them by others for their own political and selfish purposes. I have seen and heard presenters of various media outlets speaking during their programmes that is meant to be presented in Krio but later drifted into English.WHY? AYV prominent presenters in particular are known for this, in my opinion.


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