Preserving Culture, Ending FGM: AIM & PfefferminzGreen Lead the Shift

In a groundbreaking effort to foster sustainable development in Sub-Saharan Africa, the German non-profit organization PfefferminzGreen is advocating for a radical shift towards empowering local grassroots organizations.

Dr. Stella Rothenberger, the visionary founder and Director of PfefferminzGreen, highlights the urgency of supporting initiatives like the Amazonian Initiative Movement (AIM) to address pressing issues within their communities.

The prevalent narrative of Western aid since the 1970s has failed to deliver substantial improvements to poverty-stricken regions across Sub-Saharan Africa. Despite various approaches by international aid organizations, the region continues to grapple with poverty. Dr. Rothenberger emphasizes that meaningful change requires a departure from conventional methods and a focused embrace of local NGOs’ expertise and cultural insight.

Dr. Rothenberger’s encounter with Rugiatu from AIM sparked a transformative partnership. A decade ago, Rugiatu’s persuasive case for prioritizing education in rural communities resonated deeply with Stella. The collaboration led to the replacement of Bondo bushes – once integral to certain traditions – with essential infrastructure like schools, skills training centers, and medical facilities. Simultaneously, harmful practices like female genital mutilation (FGM) are being eradicated from the Bondo Society through alternative rites of passage, preserving cultural heritage while rejecting harmful traditions.

Their debut project, an elementary school in Rolal village, yielded remarkable results. What started as a single school has evolved into a multi-faceted effort comprising preschools, secondary schools, and orphanages across Sub-Saharan Africa. The crowning achievement was AIM’s pioneering of the “Alternative Rite of Passage,” liberating 75 young women from the shackles of FGM in 2019.

This innovative strategy, commended by both domestic and international stakeholders, symbolizes a paradigm shift. By combining cultural preservation with the abolition of harmful practices, the alternative rite of passage has secured its place as a transformative force. Engaging community members, former circumcisers, and religious leaders, AIM has organized three alternative rites of passage so far, each marking a step closer to generational change.

The momentum behind AIM’s mission is building, and they are rallying Government bodies, diplomatic missions, NGOs, and partners to embrace their approach. They advocate for direct funding to local organizations, underlining the significance of shifting power dynamics and supporting those closest to the issues at hand.

In a joint effort, AIM and PfefferminzGreen champion the hashtag #shiftthepower, which encapsulates their vision for a fundamental transition from international NGOs to local entities as the driving forces behind Africa’s societal development.

As AIM’s achievements draw international attention, Sierra Leone’s progressive stance on FGM might serve as an inspiring model for other African nations. PfefferminzGreen’s ongoing support and visionary leadership continue to fuel this journey of change, making sustainable development and cultural evolution a reality for Sub-Saharan Africa.


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