“Integrity Score Card to Trigger Mass Reshuffle in the Bio Government…” -Jacob Macauley 

Economist Jacob Prince Macauley

By Foday Moriba Conteh

Two previous assessments, the Ministerial Performance Scorecard and the Integrity Scorecard, which assessed the current corps of SLPP Ministers in terms of their performances in their respective Ministries is highly expected will help to contribute to the taking of affirmative action in the form of weeding out non-performers and promoting or retaining those on the other side in the form of a major reshuffling that is expected to transpire soon.

Undertaken by an organization called Trust Alliance headed by renowned Economist Jacob Prince Macauley it is mooted that the outcomes of the two Score Cards have made it abundantly clear that many of those assessed have been found wanting by the leadership of the Government.

In the first assessment, the Score Card rated Government Ministers according to their achievements up to the point reached and some were found to have underperformed and therefore disappointed the leadership which means they have to go as President Bio is not banking on mediocrity but excellence.

After that, the Integrity Score Card came out. It was evidently clear that President Bio will no longer retain some Ministers as when their respective integrities were put on a scale they were found to be wanting and therefore ripe for the sack.

Both Score Cards exposed many of the ills of some Government Ministers who will be going as the buck stops on President Bio’s desk and it is expected that he will soon be raising the hammer to announce that ‘Enough is Enough’.

From the look of things, a major reshuffle is imminent and the time is very soon as a good number of Government Ministers will be having their marching orders.

The Integrity Score Card could be credited for being the first to sound the whistle that there was something fishy within the Ministry of Basic Education with regards the free education rice saga which is now in the hands of the Anti-Corruption Commission.

The Score Card was also the first to mention the recent document from the Ministry of Finance.

The Score Card succeeded in predicting the positive impacts on Sierra Leone’s economy if a smart lockdown is observed as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. During the research work on the Score Cards, researchers found out that most Ministries were working in line with the Bio manifesto during the electioneering period.

Most were found to be keeping up to the expectations of HE President Bio.


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