JIT Capital Group to Broaden Investment in SME Financing

The importance of upholding a well-defined legal and professional framework was emphasized by the Chairman of JIT Capital Group’s Advisory Board of Directors, Dr. Jessie Porter, in a pivotal gathering on the 24th August, 2023.  Such a framework, it was highlighted, would bolster the company’s operational longevity and sustainability.

The recently rebranded group convened for its second Board meeting at the Bintumani Hotel in Aberdeen engaging in deliberations concerning various promising business prospects.

Dr. Ezekiel Duramany-Lakkoh, the CEO/President of JIT Capital, articulated the group’s vision: to forge a pioneering Financial Institution poised to revolutionize the landscape of SME operations. The core mission involves establishing a financing pathway that supports both existing enterprises and nascent ventures through credit and venture capital initiatives.

Central to JIT Capital’s strategy is the SME Development Program, an initiative designed to collaborate closely with Governmental and private entities. This program aims to facilitate improved access to essential business development services for small and medium enterprises within Sierra Leone. By doing so, the program seeks to bolster productivity, enhance competitiveness among SMEs in the nation, and facilitate expansions into both domestic and global markets.

Integral to the execution of this endeavor is the utilization of the “Journey to Excellence” (J2Ex) model, a widely adopted system that has proven successful in various SME development initiatives globally.

Reliable sources have disclosed that JIT Capital’s Microfinance arm received official clearance from the Financial Intelligence Unit, along with the necessary approval from the Bank of Sierra Leone. These endorsements have paved the way for the initiation of new business activities aligned with the company’s strategic objectives.


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