Joseph Sannoh Donates 50 Bags of Rice to Education Broadcasting House

Executive Director , Heal Salone, Joseph Sannoh

By Edward Vamboi

Executive Director of a local Non-Governmental Organization, Heal Salone, Joseph Sannoh on the 28th May 2020 donated, on behalf of his organization, fifty bags of rice to the Ministry of Education Teaching Service Programme geared towards giving aid to facilitate the smooth implementation of the teaching radio programme.

Sannoh revealed during the short but very interesting handing over ceremony that he has been in the educational sector for over a decade now having acquired vast experiences in many areas related to it. He noted that he is very au fait with the constraints militating against pupils and students in terms of getting access to quality education.

The result oriented Executive Director said he knows that the COVID-19 has brought the functioning of schools and colleges to a halt and as a result children as well as students are not attending schools or colleges.

“As it happened when we were confronted by the Ebola outbreak the resultant effects could be catastrophic because these children are losing educationally and may not end up returning to school after the coronavirus pandemic,” he maintained adding that it is indeed a good idea for a radio teaching programme to be introduced as it will offer pupils and students the opportunity to gain from the teachings that are aired.

Sannoh said he thought it fit that those who are championing the program in terms of undertaking teachings of various subjects must be encouraged and it is along that line that he thought it fit to donate the bags of rice to the teachers doing the teaching as well as the members of staff of the Education Broadcasting Station.
He made reference to donations of food items and personal protective equipment he did some time ago to residents of both the Brookfields and Aberdeen communities.

Joseph Sannoh maintained that the donated items to the teachers and staff will serve as a motivation for them to continue the good work.
According to him the time table of the teaching program should be popularized in order for parents and the beneficiaries to know when the beneficiaries should listen and participate.
He said the time table organized by the teachers is easy and flexible for all children.  The time table was designed as follows:
n the morning 10am-11pm Pre-Primary,  11am-12pm Classes 4-6 also in the afternoon JSS 1pm-4pm and SSS4pm-10pm.
Joseph Sannoh called on all media entities to help popularize the  radio teaching programme.

He called on parents to purchase radio sets for their children in order to listen to the radio teaching program underscoring that when school reopens they will continue the syllabus from where they stopped.

Sannoh expressed appreciation to President Bio for his strides taken to combat the spread of the virus and called on donors to help boost the teaching program.


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