Kanja Sesay takes Renewable Energy to a Higher Height

Kanja Sesay, Minister of Energy

By Foday Moriba Conteh

Kanja Sesay, said to be an innovative Minister of Energy, has explained that renewable energy is the best answer to this country’s energy supply. He said that considering climate change and the global thirst for renewable energy, Sierra Leone is joining the fray to help protect the Earth.

In his determination to make sure that renewable energy is properly sustained in the country, Mr Sesay recently called in experts from the African Union with whom he will be going to Njala University campus Mokonde  where renewable energy is expected to be used in a big way to ensure that students of the University get sustainable lighting throughout their studies.

Mr Sesay said that Njala University will act as the pilot in this massive drive to attain the sustainability of renewables.

There is already a massive solar plant at the Newton area in the Koya Chiefdom Port Loko Chiefdom North of the country which supplies electricity to a very wide area in that Chiefdom all with the untiring efforts of Mr Kanja Sesay.

In his determination to make sure that all regions in the country enjoy the benefits of light, Mr Sesay recently took a tour to all the major provincial towns in the country. Mr Sesay was to examine infrastructure and identify the areas that are to benefit from renewable energy.

“This New Direction Government is committed to the Millennium Goals which include sustainable power supply to our people,” Mr Sesay said. “We are therefore working towards that end and we believe we shall achieve it,” he concluded.


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