King Tommy Appointed Brand Ambassador whilst Eviction Awaits 22 Housemates

Housemates Salone Season 3

By Amin Kef-Ranger

The second eviction of some among the 22 Housemates that are currently competing in the Season 3 edition of Housemates Salone, with the slogan, “Di Game Get Yagba, If You Nor Able Na for Pull Hand”, is slated to take place over this weekend.

From the gossips and strands of entertainment news that have been filtering in it seems that this weekend is going be tough, crazy, fearful, but also funny as all the 22  Housemates will be up for eviction and sadly , with no joke some will definitely go home in tears.

However, the organizers of the Reality TV Show were so tactful to put in place an effective preventive mechanism which they have no control over but rather handed over the key to members of the wider public. In other words, the preventive power or ability that will determine the eviction or continued stay of Housemates under the roof of the House will be largely determined by members of the public through VOTING!!!

Voting could be done via using AFRIMONEY by simply Dialing: **161*10* plus the NUMBER of an Housemate from an Africell line.

It could also be done online by going to: or and follow the instructions there.

The prize at stake in this season’s Reality TV Show is Le250M plus a fully sponsored round leisure trip to Dubai. Also, one of the sponsors of the Reality TV Show, Zarlux Car Rental, revealed that a brand new car will be given to the winner of the Zarlux Car Rental task that will be performed by the Housemates in the House during the course of the show.

Housemates Salone Season 3 is aired on AYV Entertainment Channels 34 & 33 and AYV on DSTV Channel 399. It must be noted also that Housemates Salone Season 3 is also shown on what is widely referred to as Nigeria and Ghana DSTV.

Viewers now have a wide variety of platforms through which they could enjoy the Reality TV Show.

If some of the Housemates are appearing sexy by the kind of dresses they wear then that must not come as any big surprise simply because they are expected to display nudity.

Again, if sometimes they are seen talking harshly then it is because they are to intermittently use strong language and act funnily as the expectation is for them to be humorous. Manifestation of these traits is what is really making the Reality TV Show very interesting to watch, providing some form of comic relief for viewers and serving as a therapy to reduce stresses.

In actual fact, the Reality TV Show exhibits the everyday style of living of young people in an open society and is also serving as a conduit through which the Housemates are taken through mental and physical exercises that will end up to mould and shape their characters. They are given the opportunity to display talents which can be spotted on and further harnessed for productive and impactful purposes.

Having been exposed to the outside world, some of the talents of the Housemates have been spotted and they could be contracted to serve as Brand Ambassadors, advertisers, film characters etc.

Indeed, Housemates Salone is all about enhancing Youth Empowerment and already it is thrilling many with its funny episodes.

In a related development, popular and prominent Sierra Leonean fashion icon and social media influencer, Tommy Bangura, widely and better known as King Tommy, who is based in New York, United States of America, has been appointed by the organizers of the show, AYV and Africell, as a Brand Ambassador for Housemates Salone.

His appointment came in the wake of public appeals and the recognition of King Tommy’s creativity and deep commitment to the Housemates show.

Ambassador Anthony Navo Jr., Chief Executive Officer of AYV, after congratulating King Tommy via a video link from AYV Headquarters in London said:

“It’s unfortunate that King Tommy was unable to participate in the show due to him missing the deadline for the required medical examination.  However, King Tommy has demonstrated great interest in the Housemates Salone Show.

He is a true champion and Ambassador for our people. He continues to invest his time, intellect, talent and resources and so it is only right that AYV supports his efforts”, said Ambassador Navo, Jr.

“King Tommy has shown that a powerful voice and powerful action can make a difference for our people and communities through entertainment”. Ambassador Navo Jr. added.

There is both local and global interest in King Tommy and his fashion design. Tommy’s commitment to the Housemates Show will highlight the importance of new media, entertainment and the development of young people.

Members of the public should continue to vote for their favourite Housemates in order to determine their fates and indeed they really depend on you as the Le250M, a brand new car and holidaying in Dubai keeps floating in their imagination.

It is all about the organizers and the public empowering the youth for a brighter future.

Housemates Salone Season 3 Housemates Salone Season 3


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