Labour Minister Condemns Unfair Treatment of Employees at Leone Rock Mining Site

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By Charles Champion Conteh

In a well-attended meeting on Thursday, June 20, 2024, the Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Security, led by Mohamed Rado Swaray, conducted a successful visitation at the Leone Rock mining site. The Minister emphasized the purpose of the visit was to gather firsthand information on the company’s operations, welfare and working conditions, particularly in light of the new labor laws aimed at ensuring decent working conditions for all.

During his interaction with the workforce, Mohamed Rado Swaray reassured them of his ongoing support and emphasized the importance of engaging with staff across various operations. He stressed that understanding the welfare and challenges faced by employees is a key part of his mandate as Minister of Labour. He assured the workers that the meeting was confidential and that they could speak freely about their working conditions without fear of reprisal.

Workers from various sub-companies under Kingho Group expressed their gratitude to the Minister. A representative from CFRG highlighted concerns over staff terminations without valid reasons. A health department representative added that the company showed little respect for national workers, with promotions being selectively granted and local jobs being given to foreign workers. Other issues raised included discrimination, intimidation and harassment.

In response, Minister Swaray condemned violence, harassment, disrespect, discrimination and intimidation within the framework of the Employment Act 2023. He emphasized that such offenses would attract penalties and sanctions. The Minister stated firmly that any foreign staff assaulting a Sierra Leonean worker would be removed from the site and reiterated that jobs meant for Sierra Leoneans would not be given to foreign employees.

The General Manager and his team thanked the Minister for the timely visit and assured him of the company’s commitment to resolving the highlighted issues. He acknowledged that employees are ambassadors of the company and must be treated seriously. He concluded by announcing that the Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Security would organize a workshop to help Management understand the key provisions of the new labor laws.



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