Lands Minister Continues to Excel in Pres. Bio’s New Direction Government 

Minister of Lands, Dr  Dennis Sandy

By Fatmata Jengbe

Minister of Lands is among the best choices President Bio made. After winning the Presidential Election in 2018 HE President Bio didn’t even bat an eyelid to name Dr. Dennis Sandy as his Minister of Land knowing full well who the man is. Since then Dr. Sandy has not disappointed him but has really impressed his boss.

Before Dr. Sandy the Lands Ministry was looked at as the Ministry that never worked but now under him the Ministry of Lands is seen as the most active and very admirable Ministry. Before Dr. Sandy much of Government property were in the hands of rogue elements who grabbed them with impunity but since Dr. Sandy ascended that position he has retrieved most of them with no hassle but with his usual softly, softly approach.

Before Dr. Sandy, the Lands Ministry was always overcrowded with people who have been wronged by land thieves or encroachers but those are becoming things of the past now. Most outstanding land disputes have been settled without the intervention of either the Police or the courts. Dr. Sandy has proved his Ministry to be the most active now and most citizens are very happy with the way he is handling things.

President Bio will definitely be pleased with himself to have appointed Dr. Sandy into that position where he is now working according to the New Direction’s promises to the people as embedded in the SLPP manifesto.


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