Malik Malik Bah, Organizes Seminar on Harnessing Social Media for National Development

Malik Malik Bah, a well-known figure in Sierra Leone, convened a gathering of influential political bloggers with the aim of maximizing the potential of social media for the country’s development at Lagoonda, Sierra Leone on Saturday, July 8, 2023.

Malik Malik Bah, renowned for his extensive reach of over 34 million Facebook users, joined forces with other influential bloggers to play a pivotal role in utilizing social media to support the progressive agenda of the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP), ultimately contributing to President Bio’s successful re-election.

Under the chairmanship of Tony Morgan, the seminar provided a platform for participants hailing from different regions within Sierra Leone to exchange ideas on strategies for promoting President Bio’s development initiatives. The collective goal of the group is to accelerate Sierra Leone’s progress under the leadership of President Bio.

It is worth noting that this group of dedicated bloggers is entirely self-funded and united by their unwavering belief in President Bio’s ability to deliver a prosperous Sierra Leone for its citizens.

During the seminar, the participants generated practical and innovative solutions, which will undergo further discussions at the national level before being presented as actionable recommendations to His Excellency, President Bio.

The unwavering dedication and exemplary coordination demonstrated by these bloggers have set a new benchmark for future effective online media campaigns. Their efforts hold the potential to shape the landscape of social media utilization in Sierra Leone and contribute significantly to the country’s development goals.



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