Massive Delivery: NP-SL Receives 30,000 Metric Tons of Petroleum Products

By Amin Kef (Ranger)

NP (SL) Limited, the premier importer and distributor of petroleum products in Sierra Leone, has announced a proactive initiative to address the impending fuel scarcity. To ensure a consistent supply for consumers, the Company has received a substantial consignment of 30,000 metric tons of petroleum products in the country.

This shipment comprises a diverse range of fuels. Specifically, it includes 11,000 metric tons of petrol aboard the VMT Papillon and 19,000 metric tons of diesel facilitated by the MT Marlin Aqua Marine, which recently docked at Kissy Terminal in Freetown on Saturday, December 23, 2023. NP has consistently maintained its reputation as the foremost petroleum importing and marketing entity in Sierra Leone by consistently delivering the largest fuel consignments over the years.

In another development, NP Sierra Leone has initiated the supply of 5,000 metric tons of fuel to the Republic of Guinea. Representatives from the Republic of Guinea have dispatched fuel tankers to load the consignment, further reinforcing this partnership. The process was overseen by the Vice President of the Republic of Sierra Leone, Hon. Dr. Mohamed Juldeh Jalloh, Deputy Minister of Trade and Industry, Madam Fatmata Wurie, and officials from the Petroleum Regulatory Agency (PRA) during their visit to the NP SL Terminal on December 22, 2023.

Kobi Walker, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of NP-SL Ltd, highlighted the challenges regarding foreign exchange and pricing while reaffirming the company’s commitment to maintaining adequate petroleum product stocks in the country. He clarified a previous statement attributed to the Petroleum Regulatory Agency (PRA), emphasizing that NP and Leoneoil are the primary importers of petroleum products, while other oil marketing companies rely extensively on NP for support and procurement.

“As a responsible corporate citizen, NP remains dedicated to ensuring abundant supplies of petroleum products across Sierra Leone. Our goal is to consistently fulfill the nation’s fuel requirements,” stated Kobi Walker.

Dr. Williette James, the Communications Manager, emphasized that the arrival of these products will guarantee a sufficient fuel supply throughout and beyond the festive season. The company is geared towards timely delivery to filling stations nationwide, mitigating potential shortages that could disrupt daily life.

NP-SL Ltd, continuing its influential role in the country’s energy sector, aims to sustain an uninterrupted fuel supply, prioritizing the welfare of the Sierra Leonean populace.



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