VIP CEO Ahmed H. Hashim Celebrates 24th Birthday Today

By Amin Kef (Ranger)

Ahmed H. Hashim, the esteemed CEO of VIP Trading Company, is set to mark his 24th birthday on December 24th, 2023. Renowned for his business prowess and commitment to societal development, Hashim has been an instrumental figure in the transformation of Sierra Leone’s business landscape.

As the Chairman, Director General, and Proprietor of V.I.P Trading Company SL Ltd, and concurrently serving as the Managing Director of Amoula & Sons Trading SL Ltd, Hashim has not only established himself as a prominent businessman but has also contributed significantly to the infrastructural development of the Sierra Leone Police Force.

Beyond his corporate success, Hashim is revered within the Sierra Leonean community for his dedication to corporate social responsibility (CSR) and his unwavering support for the nation’s youth empowerment initiatives. His philanthropic endeavors and genuine commitment to uplifting the less privileged have earned him the moniker ‘The Poor Man’s Friend.’

Hashim’s dedication to the betterment of Sierra Leone goes beyond mere words. He has pledged to continue his efforts, stating, “I am a Sierra Leonean. I will do all in my power to advance this country and its people. I am always ready to help the oppressed because it is not their making but the will of God.”

Acknowledging the supportive environment fostered by the Sierra Leonean Government for business growth, Hashim has encouraged both businesses and individuals to collaborate with the government in realizing developmental projects aimed at transforming the country.

Recently, Hashim received a prestigious national award for Service Delivery at the 6th annual awards ceremony of the Bai Bureh Heritage Foundation. This recognition underscores his outstanding performance, particularly in ensuring a consistent and quality supply of rice to the Sierra Leone Police, solidifying VIP’s reputation as a reliable provider.

Hashim’s commitment to delivering quality rice has not only earned him accolades but has also attracted interest from various sectors. His successful execution of the rice supply contract for the Police Force has sparked recommendations from the Correctional Services and other institutions to consider VIP for their respective supply needs.

VIP Trading Company’s consistent and superior quality rice supply has not gone unnoticed. The company’s dedication to fulfilling its contracts has significantly contributed to its burgeoning popularity and earned Hashim admiration for his unparalleled service delivery in the sector.

The Bai Bureh Service Delivery Awards, a platform recognizing exceptional service delivery, rightfully honors Hashim’s impactful contributions toward Sierra Leone’s progress. His unwavering dedication and business acumen continue to set a high standard for service excellence across the nation.


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