Miksi Chocolate Supports Strengthening of Democracy in Sierra Leone

Miksi Chocolate Supports Strengthening of Democracy in Sierra Leone

By Foday Moriba Conteh

Miksi Chocolate, one of the brands marketed by Premium Divine Trading Company Limited, a food distribution company that operates as an agent for Promasidor Holdings, a leading distributor of quality food products in Sierra Leone, has supported the 1stNational High-Level Youth Driven Dialogue Conference on Democracy on the theme: “Media Freedom: A Catalyst to Democratic Good Governance”, at the New Freetown City Hall Auditorium.

The conference targeted Democracy Experts, Politicians and Practitioners, Civil Society Activists, Women Leaders, Disabled Groups, the Media and over 500 young people across the country.

Miksi Chocolate has been commended as one of the best healthy beverages that gives nourishment by many young people who joined the rest of the world to commemorate the International Day of Democracy in Sierra Leone.

Premium Divine Trading Company Limited support to the Youth Alliance for Democracy and Accountability Sierra Leone (YaDA-SL)1stNational High-Level Youth Driven Dialogue Conference on Democracy in this year’s commemoration of the International Day of Democracy, was done within the context of the company’s massive education on healthy eating habits by availing their products to actual and potential consumers of chocolate, the Miksi nutritious package, to enable them and their families enjoy good nutrition through the consumption of  Miksi chocolate drink that were sampled during the commemoration of the day.

Speaking on behalf of the company, the Country Manager of Premium Divine Trading Ltd, Kenneth Konuahsaid the International Day of Democracy provides an opportunity to review the state of democracy in the world including Sierra Leone, adding that as a responsible company they decided to support the 1stNational High-Level Youth Driven Dialogue Conference on Democracyin the country.

Kenneth, spoke about the importance of consolidating peace and democracy in the country of which he pointed out that the August 10th saga, which deprived them as a business company in the country was a great loss on their part.

He encouraged the youth in the Auditorium to join hands together in order to promote peace and stability in their communities as elections are approaching.

The Country Manager further revealed that Miksi brand consists of Miksi powdered milk, Miksi Chocolate and Miksi Coffee of which she encouraged older persons to add Miksi as part of their daily food intake adding that Miksi offers a healthy beverage or snack anyway anytime.

He maintained that Premium Divine Trading Company Ltd also distributes and markets, Onga, Xploza, Kremela and Yumvita , the latter being an infant cereal with milk also consisting of wheat, rice and maize and wheat variants.

He concluded by appealing to all young people present to always buy the quality food products of Premium Divine Trading Company Ltd especially Miksi chocolate and Miksi Coffee because they are enriched with all the necessary nutrients needed by the body.

Earlier, the Mayor of Freetown City Council, Her Worship Yvonne Aki-Sawyer, who also made a statement during the ceremony, commended the Youth Alliance for Democracy and Accountability Sierra Leone for organizing such an event for young people to know and reflect their minds into colonization of the British Empire.

She defined the traditional definition of ‘Democracy’ as the Government of the people, by the people and for the people which was vivid to alland sundry.

She threw light on the term democracy, how its gives respect and rights to citizens in a democratic State. The Mayor said she believes in democracy because it puts people at the center of electing their representatives.

The Deputy Commissioner of National Youth Commission, Emerson Kamara, also commended YaDA-SL and partners for the laudable venture towards enhancing democratic governance in the country.

He noted that social media has a lot of means to promote  democratic good governance in the country also urging young people to serve as agents of transformation in our beloved country.

On his part, the Executive Director, Youth Alliance For Democracy and Accountability Sierra Leone (YaDA-SL),Foday Moriba Conteh, said that this year’s commemoration of International Day of Democracy marks the 15th anniversary of the International Day of Democracy, a day to reflect on the democratic credentials nations have strived to achieve, the gains made, consolidated and the challenges to be surmounted.

He stated that according to the UN Secretary on the commemoration of this year’s International Day of Democracy, “Across the world, democracy is backsliding, Civic space is shrinking, Distrust and disinformation are growing and polarization is undermining democratic institutions in various parts of the globe”.

Foday Moriba Contehcontinued by stating that because of the complexity of modern States what obtains is Representative Democracy where the citizens are at liberty to choose their representatives, through periodic elections, to represent them in Parliament, speak and make laws in their best interests.

He said that during this International Day of Democracy, the focus is on one of the cornerstones of democratic societies – a free, independent, and pluralistic media as the theme of this conference was: “Media Freedom: A Catalyst for Democratic Good Governance”, a theme which, he said, could not have been more appropriate at any other given time than now.

He furthered dilated much more on the Freedom of Expression of journalists. “Indeed, attempts to silence journalists are growing more brazen by the day from physical to verbal assault to online surveillance and legal harassment especially against women journalists.

Media workers, at given times, face censorship, detention, physical violence, and even killings often with impunity.”

Miksi Chocolate Supports Strengthening of Democracy in Sierra Leone


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