Ministry of Education Issues Clarifications on Conduct of 2024 WASSCE

The Ministry of Basic and Senior Secondary Education has addressed concerns circulating on Social Media regarding the upcoming 2024 West African Senior Secondary Certificate Examination (WASSCE). In response to a video allegedly created by a Member of Parliament, the Ministry issued the following clarifications:

Registration Numbers:
The Ministry confirmed that a total of 146,179 candidates have successfully completed registration for both Continuous Assessment Scores (CASS) and the Batch Registration System (BRS), qualifying them to sit for the WASSCE this year.

District Representation:
It was emphasized that every district is adequately represented by eligible candidates for the forthcoming WASSCE.

Data Uploads: School leaders are responsible for uploading necessary candidate information into the WAEC portals. This data is not created by WAEC but provided by the schools.

Portal Reopenings
: The Ministry clarified that WAEC portals are reopened for all schools nationwide simultaneously, rather than being managed by districts or regions.

Continuous Assessment Scores (CASS):
CASS constitutes 30% of the total score for candidates taking the WASSCE, as stipulated by the West African Examinations Council’s requirements.

The Ministry assured ongoing engagement with WAEC regarding the potential reopening of portals for CASS and BRS within the available timeframe as preparations for the examinations continue.

This statement aims to address any misinformation or confusion surrounding the conduct of the 2024 WASSCE and underscores the Ministry’s commitment to ensuring a fair and transparent examination process.


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