Why National Emergency Declared On Drug And Substance Abuse?

The scourge of synthetic lethal drug abuse, particularly the notorious “Kush” in Sierra Leone, has reached alarming proportions, claiming the lives of countless youths and wreaking havoc on communities. For over two years, the unchecked proliferation of this deadly substance has allowed traffickers and distributors to thrive, while the Government’s response has been perceived as inadequate.

The recent burial of 32 Kush victims at Kingtom Cemetery, led by the Ministry of Health Burial Team under the leadership of, Sinneh Kamara, served as a stark reminder of the devastating impact of drug abuse. This somber event, captured on video and widely circulated on Social Media, sparked a newfound awareness of the crisis gripping Sierra Leone.

In the wake of this tragedy, President Brig Julius Maada Bio took decisive action, declaring a National Emergency on Drug and Substance Abuse. This declaration was accompanied by the establishment of a National Task Force on Drug and Substance Abuse (NaTFDSA), signaling a united front against this epidemic.

The urgency of President Bio’s call to arms cannot be overstated. As Sierra Leone faces scrutiny as a hub for Kush trafficking, both domestically and internationally, the need for concerted action has never been more pressing. The reputational damage inflicted by such accusations underscores the imperative for decisive intervention.

Amidst this crisis, the efforts of the Ministry of Health Burial Team, led by , Sinneh Kamara, deserve commendation. Their tireless dedication to raising awareness and providing humanitarian support, even in the face of adversity, reflects the best of Sierra Leone’s spirit.

However, the recent harassment and intimidation faced by the Burial Team raise troubling questions about civic responsibility. With vital public services compromised, such as the collection of decaying bodies on Orogu Bridge, the onus falls on authorities to ensure the safety and well-being of citizens.

In this critical juncture, the support of every Sierra Leonean is indispensable. Rather than assigning blame, let us rally behind initiatives like the National Task Force and empower those on the frontlines, like Sinneh Kamara and his team, to combat drug and substance abuse.

As the nation confronts this crisis, let us heed President Bio’s call and stand united in defense of our youth and our future. The time for action is now, and the stakes could not be higher.


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