Mohamed K. Kamara declared wanted by Police for alleged homosexual activity

Mohamed K. Kamara.jpg
The missing gay, Mohamed K. Kamara

By Karifa Thoronka

The increasing reports of isolated physical attacks on persons found to be gay seem to have no end in sight as the recent case of Mohamed K. Kamara indicates. According to reliable source, from one Morila Mansaray of Thunder Hill road Kissy Mess Mess in Freetown, he narrated by identifying  Mohamed K. Kamara  as one of his best friend since childhood, but Mohamed his friend had been very secretive about his sexual orientation since they were early teenagers. ‘’until I finally catch him having sex with his male partner Abass Fofonah at his house’’ he says.

Whiles explaining to the media, Morila Mansaray noted that when he visited Abass Fofonah in search of Mohamed in the Morning hour of 19 July 2017, he opens the door, and he could not bear the shock of what he had seen, so he decided to punched Mohamed on his face and remove two of his tooth. ‘’whiles I alert the neighbors as I shorted in disgust’’ he noted. Morila continue by explaining that less than a minutes crown gather in the room, started beating humiliating Mohamed K. Kamara and Abass Fofonah, and later informed the police about the awkward incident.

Responding to the incident in disappointing mood, the chief Imam in the Community says that the act is not allow in the Country, and from religions perspectives, homosexuality is problematic because it is sinful. He further by saying that the two boys most pay for their acts and their families must be harassed and humiliated until they found their missing sons.

The Chief Imam revealed that it was after serious beating, and waiting for the police to collect them Mohamed Fainted and he was rush for treatment, it was at that time Mohamed .K. Kamara disappeared. As Mohamed parents were all dead during a motor accident, no family member is ready to fight for him.

Until press time, the police and the community members are still searching for Mohamed .K. Kamara and Abass Fofonah.


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