Mohamed Kamara Wanted By The Police

Mohamed Kamara

By Mary Kabay

Mohamed Kamara of Robbiswala village in Mambolo Chiefdom, Kambia District, Northern Province, is wanted by the Sierra Leone Police (SLP) for attempted murder and arson on 5th July, 2017.

The fugitive is wanted for the attempted murder of Alhaji Bangura and the burning down of the secret societal ground.

According to the prosecutor, Inspector Alimu Koroma from the Legal Justice and Support Department of the Police, Mohamed Kamara whose whereabouts is unknown stabbed the alleged victim, Alhaji Bangura with a knife in the chest, while they were taking him forcefully to the societal initiation ground on the said date, said the survival members.

According to the accused’s mother, Fatmata Sesay who testified to the Police, she said her son mistakenly stabbed the victim with a knife, when five men belonging to the cult were forcing him to be part of their secret society.

She also told the Police that they have been trying for many weeks to join him into that society activity, to which, her husband, who happens to be the accused’s father is a very strong member
The victim’s wife, Mamusu Bangura told the Crime Officer, Police Detective Sergeant that they have to arrest the suspect who attempted to kill her husband who must be punished or even sentenced him to death.

According to the Crime Officer in charge of the case, police are searching for the fugitive and they will not respite the case until the accused is caught and punished if found guilty by a court for the said crime.


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