MoPED Collaborates with Nationwide Stakeholders for MTNDP 2024-2030

The Ministry of Planning and Economic Development, under the leadership of Madam Kenyeh Barlay and Deputy, Rev. Dr. Jonathan Titus-Williams, has initiated a comprehensive series of stakeholder engagements across all 16 districts. These discussions aim to shape the forthcoming Medium-Term National Development Plan (MTNDP) for the period 2024-2030.

The ongoing consultations target the identification and prioritization of district-specific needs. These discussions play a critical role in informing the formulation of the MTNDP, aligning it with the ambitious objectives outlined in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for 2030 and the African Union’s Agenda 2063. Additionally, the plan integrates the Government’s Big Five Game Changers and four enablers, all essential national priorities.

Working in close partnership with the Bi-Monthly Districts Development Coordination Committees (DDCC), operational at Councils, the Ministry is orchestrating these dialogues. Diverse stakeholders from various sectors actively participate, voicing their perspectives on critical issues and outlining needs crucial for inclusion in the upcoming development plan.

This participatory approach ensures that the MTNDP (2024-2030) is tailored to reflect the specific development priorities of each district, synchronizing with their individual Development Plans.

The engagements serve a dual purpose: apart from informing stakeholders about the Government’s strategic direction with the Big Five Game Changers, they also aim to raise awareness among District and Chiefdom stakeholders about these key national priorities.

The Ministry’s proactive outreach not only educates participants on the broader national strategic focus but also fosters inclusive governance in the national development planning process.

To further engage communities, informative phone-in radio discussions follow these sessions, allowing residents to share their perspectives. This approach ensures that even those unable to attend in person have a platform to contribute to the shaping of the upcoming national development plan for 2024-2030.



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