NCRA & Africell Take Giant Steps 


The National Civil Registration Authority (NCRA) on Thursday 16th February 2023, authorized the leading telecommunication company, Africell Mobile Company the unfettered access to the recently launched identification verification platform.

Such is a welcoming news to all Africell’s subscribers as every Africell’s SIM Cards will now be linked to the Verification Platform. This will ensure the Verification of individual SIM Card Holders of Africell in the country, effective Friday, 17th February, 2023.

The Director General of NCRA, Mohamed Massaqoui commended Africell for the giant steps they have taken in the development trajectory of the country. He added that the recently launched I.D Verification Platform is key to national development.

He further noted that it is good for Africell as a credible mobile company to take the lead in having access to the verification platform, adding that, the goal of the initiative is to strengthen National Digital Identification, modernize the country’s Credit Reference Bureau and radically transform Sierra Leone. He added that the initiative will put an end to paper-based credit, check and promote digital identity reference that ease the burden of time, resources, inconvenience, delays and social exclusion.

“This is a unique approach by President Bio to leverage the tremendous potential of technology, data science and artificial intelligence in making data-driven analyses and decisions, and scaling up solutions to society’s problems. This inter-link, with strong policy-making, problem-solving, and innovative application of technology, is beginning to have a transformative effect on the lives of all Sierra Leoneans,” he said.

In response, the Managing Director of Africell,  Shadi thanked the Director General of NCRA for granting them the opportunity to use the platform. He assured that they will use the platform judiciously by making it available to their customers. He further thanked the NCRA for their usual cooperation.

The Constrat Systems Managing Director,  Tarek Alhassane and other dignitaries were part of the ceremony.


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