NCRA DG to Address ID4Africa Conference in South Africa

The Director General of the National Civil Registration Authority (NCRA), Mohamed M. Massaquoi, has been invited to speak at the prestigious ID4Africa Conference in South Africa this year. He will join a select group of African leaders to discuss and report on the African Report on Digital Identity 2024.

His invitation is in recognition of Sierra Leone’s significant progress in making identity services accessible, available, and inclusive for all citizens and residents under the leadership of the Director General.

During his address the Director General is expected to offer insights into Sierra Leone’s journey towards establishing a robust and inclusive identity system in Africa, positioning the country on the global stage for Civil Registration Vital Statistics and Identity Management.

ID4Africa is a Pan-African Movement and global organization dedicated to assisting African nations in building the strategic capacity needed to develop robust and responsible identity ecosystems for development and humanitarian action.

Since assuming office as Director General of NCRA in 2018, Mohamed M. Massaquoi has been a consistent advocate for digital identity transformation in Sierra Leone. His efforts have earned him six consecutive terms as Ambassador for ID for Africa, showcasing Sierra Leone as a leading example on the continent for Civil Registration Vital Statistics and Identity Management.

Sierra Leone’s commitment to digital identity extends beyond his individual efforts. The country has actively participated in the ID4Africa Annual Conference, sharing its progress and insights with the global community. In 2023, Sierra Leone held a special event titled “I-On Sierra Leone,” highlighting collaborative efforts among various stakeholders to advance ID services.

What distinguishes Sierra Leone is its focus on inclusivity in Identity and Digital Services under the leadership of His Excellency Rtd Brigadier Julius Maada Bio, President of Sierra Leone. By ensuring civil registration and ID services are available to all citizens and residents, regardless of age or origin, the NCRA has empowered individuals and fostered participation in essential services. This inclusivity is reinforced by making the National Identification Number (NIN) mandatory for service access, as outlined in the NCR Act of 2016 and ratified by Parliament in 2022.

The NCRA Director General’s participation at the ID4Africa conference reflects Sierra Leone’s commitment to sharing knowledge and inspiring other nations to embark on their digital identity transformations.

In Sierra Leone, Civil Registration and ID Management are rights that must be upheld leaving no one behind. Citizens are reminded that the deadline to obtain their national ID card is March 31st, 2024 with cards available at their doorstep.


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