Vice President Champions African Development Initiatives at AU Summit

By Amin Kef (Ranger)

Vice President Dr. Mohammed Juldeh Jalloh took center stage at the 37th African Union (AU) Summit in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, representing President Julius Maada Bio and showcasing Sierra Leone’s commitment to continental development agendas.

The summit, held on Friday, February 16, saw Vice President Jalloh participating in the African Union High-Level Round Table, where the focus was on, “Addressing Malnutrition: Catalyzing Africa’s Transformation Through Enhanced Multi-Sectoral Investments.” Drawing from Sierra Leone’s experiences, Vice President Jalloh shared innovative interventions to combat malnutrition and scale up nutrition efforts in the country. Notably, his initiatives to establish a dedicated budget line for nutrition and implement a Multi-Sectoral Information Strategy and Digital Dashboard garnered applause for their effectiveness in guiding policy decisions and actions. He emphasized the critical role of nutrition in enhancing maternal and infant health, underlining its significance in Sierra Leone’s success stories.

Additionally, Vice President Jalloh, on behalf of President Bio, presented two pivotal reports during the AU Assembly. The first report focused on the reform of the United Nations Security Council, reflecting Sierra Leone’s contributions under President Bio’s leadership to mobilize support for the Common African Position. The second report pertained to the African Peer Review Mechanism, showcasing efforts to encourage African states to accede to this mechanism. President Bio received accolades for his exceptional leadership in both endeavors, with the reports unanimously endorsed and adopted by the assembly.

Moreover, Vice President Jalloh engaged with the leadership of the African Development Bank (ADB), discussing President Bio’s flagship initiative, the Feed Salone Program. Highlighting the program’s significance, Vice President Jalloh detailed its objectives and the progress achieved under President Bio’s administration. The ADB leadership commended Sierra Leone for the laudable initiative, recognizing its potential to reduce rice imports, lower costs, and enhance food security for all citizens. They pledged support for the Feed Salone Program, acknowledging it as one of the continent’s best initiatives.

Reflecting on the AU’s founding principles, Vice President Jalloh reiterated Sierra Leone’s commitment to unity, solidarity, and cooperation among African nations. He expressed gratitude to the Sierra Leone delegation and the Ethiopian Government for their contributions and hospitality during the summit.

As the summit concluded, Vice President Jalloh departed Addis Ababa on February 19, 2024, after receiving a Presidential Salute at the Bole International Airport. He extended best wishes to Algeria, which assumes the Chair of the African Peer Review Forum for the 2024-2026 term, expressing hopes for a successful tenure under President Abdel Madjid Tebboune’s leadership. He commended the Sierra Leone delegation for their dedication and Ethiopia for hosting a fruitful summit.


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