NCRA Raises Alarm on Identity Fraud

The National Civil Registration Authority (NCRA) has raised alarm over fraudulent practices impacting Sierra Leonean citizenship acquisition and the procurement of vital documents like Birth and Death Certificates. The NCRA identified two troubling trends: foreign residents resorting to deceit to obtain citizenship by hiring locals to pose as parents, and the unauthorized acquisition of official certificates, leading to potential forgeries.

Expressing deep concern, the NCRA emphasized the detrimental effects of such activities on the country’s identity framework and national security. The Authority denounced these actions as compromising the integrity of personal identity, a cornerstone the country has painstakingly rebuilt over the past five years.

In a firm stance against these malpractices, the NCRA declared stringent measures to identify and take legal action against those involved. The Authority is committed to maintaining the credibility of its Identity Management Database, urging both public and private institutions to verify identity credentials with the NCRA to combat identity manipulation and ensure consistency in personal identity throughout Sierra Leone.


  1. The blog post “NCRA Raises Alarm on Identity Fraud” on highlights the need to address identity fraud, a critical issue in today’s digital world. It’s crucial to take action and protect our identities. 🚨🔒🤨


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