New Deputy Minister of Communication Technology and Innovation Sparks Optimism for Progress

By Alusine Kargbo (Shine)
The appointment of Ibrahim Sannoh as Deputy Minister of Communication, Technology and Innovation has been welcomed by many as a right move. This strategic move heralds a promising era of advancement in communication technology, propelling the nation toward digital transformation and holistic growth.

Mr. Sannoh, a visionary leader with an unwavering commitment to change, has rekindled renewed hope for a future defined by technological breakthroughs and inclusive prosperity. Central to his mission is the cultivation of efficiency across both public and civil services through widespread connectivity, technological integration and digital education.

Fueled by a resolute determination to uplift living standards and propel socioeconomic development, the Deputy Minister is poised to harness the potential of communication technology and digitalization. This aspiration has ignited a resurgence of optimism among Sierra Leoneans, as they collectively anticipate a brighter and more equitable future.

Aligned with President Bio’s “Tok & Do” philosophy, the Deputy Minister is dedicated to democratizing communication technology access. His conviction that innovation should not be confined to urban enclaves is palpable, as he endeavors to bridge the digital divide between rural and urban sectors. This all-encompassing vision underpins his commitment to equitable growth and ensures that no citizen is left behind.

To translate this vision into reality, the Deputy Minister will spearhead initiatives aimed at extending connectivity to underserved regions. Collaborating with telecommunications giants, internet service providers, and stakeholders, he aims to bolster network coverage, enhance internet infrastructure, and reduce access costs. By promoting inclusivity, these efforts will empower individuals, businesses, and communities to harness communication technologies for their mutual benefit.

With Sierra Leone poised to emerge as a global technology and innovation hub, the Deputy Minister’s strategic acumen is poised to drive comprehensive economic progress for all citizens. His visionary strategy resonates with President Bio’s larger mission to tackle global challenges through local innovation.

Highlighting his exemplary track record, Mr. Sannoh’s previous accomplishments include the modernization of the biometric driver’s license system. His innovative integration of decentralized licensing processes expanded licensing capabilities to regions like Kailahun and Kabala, resulting in a substantial revenue increase from 56.1 billion old Leone to an impressive 92.4 billion new Leones.

In acknowledging this appointment, gratitude is extended to President Bio for his discerning choice in appointing Mr. Ibrahim Sannoh as the Deputy Minister of Communication, Technology & Innovation. As Sierra Leone extends its power to the youth, a future marked by progress and promise is illuminated on the horizon.


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