NMA-Led Investigation Dispels Misinformation Surrounding Koidu Ltd’s Mining Activities

By Millicent Senava Mannah

Amidst viral Social Media claims suggesting that Koidu Limited was conducting mining operations beneath the entirety of Koidu City, the National Minerals Agency (NMA) spearheaded a comprehensive fact-finding mission on the 4th April, 2024 in Kono District, Eastern Sierra Leone. The mission, undertaken in collaboration with key stakeholders from Kono District, selected Civil Society Organizations, and the Press, aimed to address the widespread concerns generated by the circulating video footage.

Koidu Limited, operating in Sierra Leone’s Kono District since 2003, has been subject to intense scrutiny following the dissemination of misleading content alleging unauthorized mining activities beyond the company’s designated concession area.

Head of Technical Services at Koidu Limited, Mile Van Eeden, unequivocally refuted these claims during the fact-finding mission, asserting that the company strictly adheres to its concessional boundaries.

Furthermore, Van Eeden emphasized Koidu Limited’s commitment to labor laws and the welfare of its employees, dismissing allegations of mistreatment or human rights abuses within the company’s operations. He highlighted ongoing initiatives aimed at community development and reiterated the company’s openness to engaging with stakeholders to foster transparency and understanding.

Ibrahim Sati Kamara, the Director of Communication and Community Affairs at the NMA, stressed the imperative of providing accurate information to counteract misinformation propagated on social media platforms. He clarified that the controversial video footage was indeed filmed within Koidu Limited’s mining concession, dispelling rumors of mining activities extending beneath the urban landscape of Koidu City.

Abu Brima, Head of the Network Movement for Justice and Development (NMJD), emphasized the need for enhanced dialogue and collaboration between Koidu Limited and the local community to address underlying concerns and foster mutual trust.

The fact-finding team, accompanied by NMA officials, was granted access to Koidu Limited’s mining facilities, where they observed firsthand the company’s compliance with regulatory standards and operational transparency. The mission culminated in a comprehensive question-and-answer session, providing clarity on the intricacies of Koidu Limited’s mining operations and dispelling lingering misconceptions.

It must be underscored that the NMA-led investigation served to debunk misinformation surrounding Koidu Limited’s mining activities, reaffirming the company’s adherence to regulatory protocols and commitment to community engagement. Moving forward, stakeholders advocate for sustained dialogue and transparency to ensure the long-term sustainability of mining operations in the region.


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