NP is Ever Determined to Offer High Grade Petroleum Products


By Amin Kef Sesay

The National Petroleum Sierra Leone Limited (NP-SL –Ltd) is on course for availing the public with high grade petroleum products to ensure that life continues as normal. The company is very keen to give vehicle owners, drivers, business entities all that they are looking forward in terms of quality petroleum products for good performances and sustainability of their cars, van, motor bikes, generators and other gadgets that are powered by either petrol of diesel.

The shareholders and Management of the company, according to interviews conducted, are working conscientiously to roll out all the necessary arrangements to always timely import petroleum products and market them at affordable prices, a stance that will continue to make it possible for the availability of these products at all times so that the issue of shortage of those products with its attendant negative consequences not to arise leading to widespread national standstill.

It was seriously iterated, during those engagements with the company ,that as at now they are really set and strategizing to roll out effective service delivery to its numerous and esteemed customers everywhere it is operating within the country and beyond. “Despite the fact that we have received numerous accolades for our exemplary performance last year that has not made us to rest on our oars but we deem it as a source of inspiration to continue to step up our activities and give us the determination to continue to serve the public diligently to the best of our ability in order to ensure that all get in return value for money,” a top-notch official of the company pointed out adding that through various strategic interactions they are very optimistic that they will cogently solidly give utmost satisfaction to many.

With regards Customer Care, which is synonymous with NP, the company is now poised to heighten such with the avowed objective of taking their concerns and suggestions very seriously and ensure that they are well addressed and harnessed for the symbiotic relationship to continue, Against such a backdrop the Customer Care outlet of the company is up and running with employees manning it and they are always there to respond to calls and even if they do not do so instantly, however, they will do when the lines are free. It is a laid down policy of the company to reach out to all in a very frank way so that doubts are demystified and proper understanding is enhanced.

As a well-established company that has stood the test of time, NP-SL has taken the petroleum business to another level when it introduced what is now known as NP Smart Card. With a Smart Card a customer can procure or purchase any required quantity of petrol or diesel from the company’s Filling Stations located in different parts of the country. From what many have attested it is a very convenient way of securing fuel without having to go through the hard rigours of  wasting time and carrying huge cash personally  which could be inimical to safety.

The company, as a matter of fact, is renowned for its proper implementation of its Corporate Social Responsibility that it has been steadily rolling out. In a country that is economically recovering from deep scars of bad governance and rampant corruption it is understandable that Government alone cannot undertake various development programmes which is why the contribution of the private sector is very much significant.

NP, indeed, has been on the side of the people of this country through thick and thin, always trying to complement the interventions of Government in fostering development. There are numerous things that the company has done in terms of improving standards of living, some of which they do not even want to mention as if they are showing off but doing so sincerely to better humanity.

When it comes to strict adherence to the country’s Local Content Policy the shareholders and Management of the company have made it a matter of must to get in its employ indigenes and even in cases where expatriates are engaged, local members of staff are given the opportunity to understudy them so that at the end of the day they will imbibe the necessary skills to take over. This is very advantageous in the sense that it helps in providing jobs and to develop a crop of competent individuals which the country needs in its development interventions.

Cooking is inextricably linked to human life or existence, whether for domestic or commercial purposes. Man depends on food for survival; individuals invest in food businesses and the like. Very mindful of the hazardous effects of depleting the environment, by using traditional means of cooking, here specifically talking of making use of wood, charcoal, the company deemed it prudent to introduce NP-Gas which is very fast to ignite, quick to perform, safe and highly convenient. NP Gas, which is in different sizable cylinders could be accessed at the company’s filling stations and authorized dealers, going at affordable prices.

The Company has been credited for expanding its operations in countries like Guinea, Liberia, Ivory Coast and The Gambia where it is performing remarkably well. The company has provided job opportunities for many in those countries stressing that preference must be given to the nationals of those countries when it comes to employment. Such a policy has helped tremendously in reducing poverty in those countries.

One thing that is certain is that NP is greatly contributing to revenue accumulation or mobilization in those countries when we cognisance is taken of its timely payment of taxes which Governments in those countries are using to fund various development projects.

Regardless of all the teething challenges that stand in the way of NP, one of which is the depreciation of the Leone to the Dollar, as the company purchases petroleum products in dollars, yet still the company is navigating its way through murky economic waters.

Inasmuch as the company is determined to give the best yet it is mindful of the fact that if all those entities that owe it monies running into billions of Leones honour their debts then the company will be in a very good stead to step up its activities. For now it is poised to offer the best of petroleum products.



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