NP Sierra Leone Demonstrates its Posture as True Partner in Development

    National Petroleum (NP) SL Limited

    By Amin Kef Sesay

    The National Petroleum Sierra Leone Limited, NP (SL-Ltd), keeps demonstrating in practical terms that it is a true partner in fostering the socio-economic development of Sierra Leone, thereby complementing the development interventions by Government to improve the well-being of citizens in this country.

    This result-oriented and highly indigenous petroleum entity has proven, on several occasions that it is committed to give back to society despite the varying challenges it has been weathering over the years.

    Its enviable contributions to ensure Sierra Leone regains its past glory again came to the limelight on the 26th September 2019 when the company commissioned a water facility it solely financed to be constructed at the National Fire Force Kissy Branch with the avowed intention to capacitate the Force to be better equipped to carry out its fire extinguishing operations within Greater Freetown.

    This latest move on the part of the company was heartily lauded as a very goodwill gesture as the water facility encompasses 4 water storage tanks with a capacity of 10,000 litres each making it possible for a minimum of 4 fire engines to be on standby with 40,000 litres of water at any given point in time for prompt response to fire emergencies. The facility also has an electronic pumping machine and a brand new 9KVA generator for the supply of power to it.

    As a matter of fact it was not the first time that NP-SL has come to the aid of the National Fire Force as it did the same, commissioning of a water facility handed to the Force on the 15th November 2019 at Tower Hill.

    Understandably many heaped praises on NP-SL, including the Chief Fire Officer and his Deputy, Naizer Alie Ahmed Kamanda Bongay and Taluva respectively, as well as the Ministry of Internal Affairs which oversees the National Fire Force, for what they described as a timely gesture and service to the people of this country.

    Indeed, there is currently a shining peacock feather on the cap of NP-SL for its drive to continue to be a partner in development ,one that it deserves for its strict adherence in effectively implementing the Local Content Policy as evident in the shareholders maintaining the company as a true indigenous entity not only in having Sierra Leoneans as owners but ensuring that its gives primary preference to have in its employ a maximum number of our nationals as against foreigners as long as they possess the requite academic qualifications and technical skills. What this really means, in real terms, is the company’s contributions to job creation and poverty alleviation.

    Presently, many families are directly and indirectly at vantage positions to take care of basic responsibilities out of the remuneration they derive from what they earn from services rendered.

    In this 21st century, human existence would have been seriously skewed or affected if man could not have had access to petroleum products and in this regard we are referring to petrol, diesel, kerosene, gas, lubricants among others.

    We need them to power our vehicles, generators, machines, to power thermal plants and for domestic uses. For an indomitable company like NP-SL to always ensure, by putting sound modalities in place, that there are qualitative products on the market is indeed no mean feat. To import quantities of fuel that will be stored to last over a period of time indeed requires incisive management decisions and prudent financial discipline.

    NP-SL has been on top of situation always making sure that shortage of these products must be averted. When cognizance is taken of the fact that fuel is a political commodity that can make and break any Government, depending on whether it is available at affordable prices or not then it falls into bracket.

    The role of NP-SL in preventing political unrest cannot be overemphasized and commendably it has maintained a politically neutralist and non-aligned stance to such an extent that it could only be unreasonable for anyone to fathom that it has in anytime engaged in subversive activities in that direction.

    In terms of treatment of its esteemed customers throughout the length and breadth of the country, then, NP-SL is unmatched. The name NP is synonymous with “1st for Customer Care”. To the Shareholders, Board of Directors and Management all their customers, big or small, are very important and they should be treated with the due respect they deserve.

    They are very mindful that the very survival of the company hinges on good rapport with their customers which therefore behooves that the latter’s concerns, inputs; requests and complaints are seriously taken into consideration to make informed decisions which always culminate into a win-win situation and optimal satisfaction on both sides. This is a plus to the company for optimizing prime relationship with customers.

    NP Smart Card and NP Gas products are the latest making the rounds and they are taking the nation by storm. Catching up with innovation the company is making use of modern technology by availing its customers a convenient means of purchasing petroleum products without any physical cash transaction.

    By merely having an NP Smart Card, containing varying amounts of money, a particular customer can easily access the quantity of fuel he or she wants at various Filling Stations. It has been proven that for convenience and security sake it is a very modern way of transacting business preventing intermittent withdrawals of money from bank accounts for fuel purchasing purposes. NP Smart Card is now trending and highly appreciated by many.

    When we talk of utilizing a device that is quick, clean and less hazardous for cooking purposes then NP Gas comes into play. They are in different cylinders, available at most of their Filling Stations across the country and going at affordable prices. Hence owners adhere to directives as to how to optimally utilize them they could last for quite a considerable period of time. Above all they are so designed in ways that makes them safe for use.

    Without any gainsaying, NP-SL is undoubtedly one of the largest taxpayers to the Government of Sierra Leone. It contributes one of the largest to the Government’s revenue coffer (Consolidated Revenue Fund), monies, which in turn are used for the implementation of varying development programmes.

    Without much ado, it can be safely concluded that NP-SL is indeed a true partner in enhancing the socio-economic development of the country.





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