NP Sierra Leone Smart Card Brings New Revolution To Access Fuel


By Amin Kef Sesay

The National Petroleum Company is an integral part of Sierra Leone’s multi diverse sectoral approach. The activities of the company are impinging positively on overall socio-economic development of Sierra Leone.

NP employs unbiased solutions to customer care with the kind of approach usually to draw support from them which no rival company does.

Amongst the foremost or primary tasks is giving customers their desires in getting access to high grade petroleum products at reasonable prices. Equipped with high-tech and calibrated pumping machines installed at all Filling stations, customers are assured of quality and quantity of supply of gas, fuel, and other lubricants used by vehicles and other machines.

The success has led to shareholders and management smiling as the company makes money due  hard work . Suggestions, opinions and concerns of the public always rank number one within the company’s mandate. This synergy that exists between the company and end users has turned out to be the basis of mutual trust and respect keeping bonds alive and kicking.

Today, people have more fuel in their smart cards than before. Literally, it is the most recent technological device introduced by the company in town. The NP Smart Card is now the latest ‘swag’ in town that is saving many from the hassle of spending time to cash money. With the use of the NP Smart Card an individual could procure the requisite number of litres of fuel needed without any physical financial exchanges. This brings a lot of convenience to customers and has been widely applauded.

To make life more comfortable for people, NP-SL-Ltd also has on offer for sale user-friendly NP Gas used for a variety of cooking purposes. It is safe for all environmental purposes and can be used for domestic cooking. No wonder why the mad rush now for the product. Those who have tried it speak very well of its high performance and therefore recommend its use to others.

Corporate Social Responsibility too has added its own value to customers as it is making impressive ways to meaningfully transform the lives of people. All of this has been complementing Government’s efforts in its development trajectory to improve conditions of living.

If all the gestures that the company has made over the years are chronicled then such will come out in the form of epistles and there is limited space to accommodate such but it is an established fact that as a way of giving back to society the company is socially and economically contributing to overall national development.

Such could be juxtaposed with the offering of job opportunities to many who hitherto were dreaming of getting sources to derive income, the timely payment of taxes to Government. For all the right reasons Sierra Leoneans must be very much proud of NP-SL Ltd and give it all the necessary support to ensure that it continues to flourish and be relevant to society.



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