NP Sierra Leone Takes Customer Care to a Higher Level


By Amin Kef Sesay

In a privileged conversation with some pump attendants at NP Cotton Tree, it was highlighted by all of them that although they have a stipulated time of closing down sales ,however, the filling station does not close down until the last customer is attended to. They were invariably trying to say that, be as it as it is, the company truly resonates with 1st For Customer Care.

The National Petroleum Sierra Leone Limited (NP-SL-Ltd) is one that has dominated the petroleum business landscape in this country for quite a long period of time now and it is still positioned to make good use of opportunities in order to grow to another level. It will be totally erroneous to conclude that the 100% indigenously owned company is unfairly being commended, but the truth or reality of the situation is that there is no other entity doing business in petroleum products in this country in such an impressive manner than the way NP-SL is currently doing.

When rating privately run business entities in this country, attributes such as efficiency and effectiveness in timely service delivery must come out vividly in order for successful transactions to occur.  The company is well renowned for his pro-active stance in always trying to optimize customer care, which it holds in high esteem with the view that in the absence of its numerous customers then the company’s existence is meaningless.

To the shareholders and Management of the company, achieving customer satisfaction is very precious and key which is why it does everything within its reach and reasonably to give customers high grade petroleum products at affordable prices. Through its pro-activeness and the ultimate need to succeed, latest innovative and technological techniques were installed and applied at the company’s various Filling Stations, one of which are calibrated pumping machines that pump the appropriate quantity of petroleum products paid for. As they are very transparent, these calibrated pumping machines continue to instill confidence in customers that they are dealing with a very transparent company as well as feeling that they are getting their money’s worth.

Within the same ambit of bringing technology closer to its customers for enhanced transactions, the idea of availing its customers the use of NP Smart Card was borne. Today we hear of “fuel on your smart card” which figuratively could be interpreted within the context of using a financially loaded NP Smart Card to purchase the right number of petroleum products one intends to utilize without any physical monetary transactions. Using NP Smart Card guarantees safety, saves time and gives air of importance to the holders, some considering them as the crème-de la crème of society, when in actual fact anyone can make use of it. It creates a situation where a customer will intermittently know the balance of finance on his card and use such information to make informed decisions as to further top up or utilize, for example, the quantity of fuel that the balance amount could procure.

With a view to make people gain easy access to a device that could be suitable for various cooking purposes, NP Gas was introduced and since gas is one of the petroleum products that is up for sale then it just falls in place that it will be prudent to make it convenient for people to access them at their filling stations and from authorized dealers, going at affordable prices. It had been undoubtedly proven that they are environmentally friendly and safe to use as well as refill.

Strengthening relevant institutions as it did recently in capacitating the Kissy Branch National Fire Force with a standard water facility to capably respond to fire emergencies is just one way through which NP is complementing efforts being made by both the central and local Governments in fostering development interventions geared towards improving overall standards of living. NP Gas has now become the ubiquitous cooking friend in many households and many are trying not to miss out on it.

When job opportunities are created from time to time, the negative impacts of poverty subside with a corresponding upsurge in peace and tranquility. Instead of tempers rising, daggers drawn out there will be joy and harmonious co-existence. Through its expansionist drive and to match up with modern trends, NP-SL has been providing various jobs for many who were hitherto at the lower ends of society. Family lives have been transformed for the better and there is room for future positive outcomes.

As a matter of fact, NP-SL-Ltd has been recognized for being a company that has doggedly insisted on maintaining its indigenous posture. Its shareholders are all Sierra Leoneans, it places premium on maintaining an indigenous stance with majority of its staff being indigenes. The company is very mindful that with the implementation of the Local Content Policy it is positively contributing to the socio-economic development of the country. NP is committed to serve the people of this country.



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